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Tuesday, January 23, 2007

All-Stars Game: The Flaws

Each year bring his All-Stars game and so it is for the controversy. It seems that the NHL never learn and the more it goes; the more it become puzzeling. The two factors are at plays here: 1- The NHL want the All-Stars game to be a " fan " event and 2- The fact that the All-Stars game should be the game where the best players are on the ice.

Yes, the All-Stars game should be a " fan " event and by letting the fans decide the starting lineup; the NHL make the fans involve into the process and that's a good thing. But, do we have to follow an " unofficial rule " who says that we should have one player per team because the All-Stars game is a " fan " event? I don't think so. If a team deserve to have 5 players at the All-Stars game because of an incredible season; those 5 players should be at the game. I don't see the point to pick a player from Philadelphia when they are dead last in the conference. By doing so, do the league is creating an injustice toward another player who deserve it? Yes, they do. There's no doubt, as a fan, that i want to see the best players on the ice. I don't want to see politics being involve in an All-Stars game. The All-Stars game is about sports and entertainement. Not about politics...

So, how do you pick the players who should be there? Some peoples suggest a committee where fans, players and peoples from hockey would be involve. Those three committees will share 33% of the vote and could have a better impact regarding who should be in and who should be out. Sound like a good idea but i think we should keep this process simple. Take the stats sheet and pick the players with the better stats at this point of the season. I mean, the All-Stars game is suppose to reward players for their good season. By putting those players on the ice, the NHL is giving fans what they want: the best show they can have with the best players on the ice. Honnestly, their a lots of ways to fix that system and something should be done, soon or later.

By keeping the actual system; the NHL is making a fool of herself. There's no point to call that game the All-Stars game if players like Marc Savard, who deserve to be there, are at home sitting and looking at the game in their rocking chair...


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