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Saturday, January 27, 2007

The Favorites of Lewis

The following players are obvious favorites of Dave Lewis. No matter what they do or how bad they play Lewis continues to go back to them.

1. P.J. Axelsson. Probably Lewis' favorite. Plays on the first line and the 2nd PP unit ( for some reason). Brings nothing offensively and has not played well defensively since his return from injury. He clearly needs to be put back on a checking line because he is not cutting it on the first line.
2. Mark Mowers. Is a hard-working winger. However, he does not deserve to be in the NHL. He does not possess any skills which prove his case. He should be a 4th line/extra winger or in the AHL, not a 3rd line winger who gets more playing time than a promising young star in the making. Lewis seems to be attached to this guy.
3. Paul Mara. Traded for Nick Boynton this offseason, he has not lived up to expectations. He gets beat on almost every one on one play. Looks very lost in his own end and has not been the "powerplay specialist" that PC and Lewis described him as. Lewis benches Alberts but refuses to bench Mara? That makes sense.
4. Jason York. Old, slow, beat-up awful defenseman. Cannot stand this guy. Once he returns from injury, look for him to take the job of Allen, who has played well since his recall. He too gets beat on every play in his own end. Is very weak with no shot what so ever. Needs to retire.
5. Wayne Primeau. Granted Primeau is a good 4th line/checking center, Lewis overplays him. Primeau works hard and is good on the PK (at times). He should be playing much less and should never be on the ice with 1 minute left when you're down by one goal.


Blogger Latrappe said...

Your post highlight the fact that there's too many players on this roster who are unproductive but keeping logging ice time. That's why this team is keep losing. You put on the ice players who cannot score in a soccer goal while Kessel is on the 4th.

12:03 PM  

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