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Thursday, January 25, 2007

All Star Game

I know this might sound funny but the All Star game looks like a men's league game. Granted it would be the best men's league game ever, but I hate seeing no defense, back checking, and hitting in a game. The NHL should do something with the All Star game to make it more competitive, such as the MLB did. I am not saying give the side who wins home ice, allthough it wouldn't be a bad idea. Don't get me wrong I love offense but 12-9 is a little too much, its like a low scoring football game.

At the All Star break us Bruins fans are use to seeing Jumbo Joe and Muzzy there sucking it up and coming home -4 with no points. This year it was new Phil Kessel had 3 goals and 1 assist in the Young Guns game. The format of 3 10 min. periods of running time was intresting and Malkin was just hanging and didn't do much, was the only player not to register a point. In the All Star Game we had Chara put home 2 goals and basically be the fourth forward. Something Joe and Muzzy couldn't do while they were at the game. Chara also comes home with bragging rights of a 100.4 MPH slapper as the leagues hardest shot now. After winning the contest I love the coments Chara made, that he has to work on his accuracy on his shoot.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Idk, baseball isn't a "contact" sport and if a player is hurt, that's not a good thing.

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