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Monday, January 29, 2007

Edmonton / Boston trade partners again?

Speculation is high and the rumors are persistant that a deal could go through with our pals in the City of Champions. The main and most talked up is Sturm and Stuart for Bergeron and Smith. Things are heating up as the team is what nine losses in the last twelve? This deal kinda works for both sides as the bruins get more cap space to add another piece if PC can get a player in the 2-2.5 mill range. B's address the blueline and make a spot up front to either bring in that piece or call up from the farm as discussed a few messages ago on this forum, there are a couple of guys who could play with the parent club. The Oil? They get one of the best defensemen available, and although Brad is half a Pronger, it will ease the irreplacable void that the fans can't seem to let go of in Edmonton. A trade for a top two defensemen is going to happen and why not Stuart. He hasn't signed with the B's yet. We are near the end of January. I'm doubtful he will at this point... (they are rumored 700k-1mill in the difference) Sturm might be helped with a chance to play in a faster style as he was used to back in San Jose, who knows? He has had some fairly sizeable slumps this year.

That's the one everyone keeps hearing about. I think the pressure is on PC to do something, sooner than later, let's just hope he finds what he is looking for.

Hopefully a trade will happen and spark the team, ending discussion on what might happen and what we want to see happen. It must mess with players minds along with a losing skid and other talk floating around. Let's get it done and get back to hockey! Let's get a playoff spot!



Blogger Latrappe said...

I don't know why people are so high about Edmonton. Stuart will not ends up in Edmonton because his signing is unlikely. Edmonton have to re-sign their captain and he will command 5+ per salary. If Stuart is traded in Edmonton he will test the market but if he's dealt on the west coast, he might consider to re-sign. That's LA, SJ and Anaheim make sense as trade partners. The return of a Stuart trade is fully related to the likeliest of the re-signing. Mara in Edmonton? Maybe but not Stuart...

7:02 AM  

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