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Sunday, January 28, 2007

Are We (us fans) for Real?

I ask this question in response to the Dave Lewis critisism. Yes, we can blame him for not calling a timeout here or there, but really, is it all his fault? The team sucks. I bet our AHL team has a better chance right now. If the players can't produce, how is that the coach's fault? I find it like the NFL in a way. Some teams really think it is all the coach, when their product just plain sucks. The Bruins have talent don't get me wrong, but they don't have all the pieces. Lewis is doing all he can to save the team. Yes he is mixing lines up trying to find a good combination. When is doesn't work, you freak. When it works, you don't give him credit. Where is the logic? I am not saying we all have to be nice to Mr. Lewis here, but we are to harsh on the guy. This isn't the 2nd coming of the 60s Bruins...


Anonymous Anonymous said...

sorry to tell u matt, lewis is the problem. he has no idea whats going on and throws out the worst players in the worst times. primeau with one minute left?? sorry he needs to fall out of love with certain players. give kessel and allen more ice time and bench axelsson and mara. lewis needs to wake up and apparently you do too.

11:52 PM  

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