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Sunday, January 28, 2007

Bruins need to do something

The Bruins are currently tied for 2nd to last in the Eastern Conference with 48 points. The past 5-10 games have been awful to watch. The Bruin's play with no passion or spirit in their game. It seems like no one on the ice cares what is going on. Peter Chiarelli must make a move and make a move fast. The Bruins really need to add another winger to their roster. Brad Boyes, Marco Sturm, Petr Tenkrat, and Stanislav Chistov are just not cutting it. This leaves Patrice Bergeron with no one to play with. Not to mention P.J. Axelsson, Wayne Primeau, Mark Mowers, Shean Donovan or Jeff Hoggan, all of whom have the same role and that is to be on a checking line. The Bruins are made up of too many 3rd and 4th line players, who cannot put the puck in the net. PC must look to acquire a scoring winger or recall a player from Providence (Vertseeg or Karsums). The defense will be fine, if they keep Brad Stuart. If Stuart gets traded then they must address another issue. Phil Kessel must get more ice time but Lewis refuses to play him. He can pot some goals and that is exactly what the Bruins need right now. If Lewis can sit the younger guys (Alberts, Jurcina, Kessel, Chistov), then why not take the same approach with the older guys (Axelsson, Mowers, Primeau, Sturm).


Blogger Latrappe said...

The problem is that whatever PC will do, it won't solve the problem since Lewis forgot to be there when the common sense made a visit at the arena. If Stuart is dealt, they won't recall Lashoff and put him in a position of succeed.

No,Lewis will play York and give full of minutes to his " clownish " energy line and use Primeau in the last minutes while, once again, players who can put the puck in the net will sit. That's the Lewis. I wish PC will be humble enough to see that he made a mistake and will act accordingly. With Lewis, this team will go nowhere.

Lewis didn't adjust. He's just an OLD NHL dinosaure who live in the past and think that your grinders will make THE difference in a game. Silly mindset when you a look at how fast this league is and how team rely on skills to win.

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