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Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Hoggan waived

With the recall of David Krecji this morning, Jeff Hoggan was the odd man out. He was placed on waivers. Strange move, especially with Hoggan having a two-way contract, meaning he does not need to clear waivers to be reassigned to Providence. Putting him on waivers means that Peter Chiarelli hopes some other team will claim him and take on his salary ($450,000).

Hoggan might not even have been the best option to be waived. Mark Mowers would have been my choice to go. At least Hoggan is out there trying to hit everything in site, crashes the net, and brings energy. Mowers is more versatile because he can play all three forward positions and is a better option on the penalty kill. But the Bruin's already have enough "checkers" on this team, a list that included P.J. Axelsson, Wayne Primeau, and Shean Donovan, whom of which all play the exact same role as Mowers. In the "new NHL", there is no need to have more than one line of checkers (meaning 3 players total). I think Chiarelli is finally starting to realize that, now lets hope Dave Lewis does too.


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