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Monday, January 29, 2007

Lewis a target?

Matt wrote yesterday a post regarding the fact that Lewis might be the target of the fans. For sure, Lewis is taking bad decisions but do Lewis is the victim of the fans base angryness? No, in fact; he deserve it.

Let's make it straight right away: Lewis in not the only one who is responsible for the bad performances of the team. The team have the bad tendancy to disappear for 20-40 min and the players are solely responsible for that lack of consistency. That said, Lewis is guilty of a couple of things.

1- His double standard regarding the accountability is not working, at all.
2- His tendancy to fall in love with unproductive players is killing the team.
3- Finding positives all the times could become negative.

There's no way you can refuse to bench a veteran because " he knows how to correct his mistakes ". A players who didn't show up, take bad penalties or hurt the team with turnovers, on a daily base, deserve to be benched whatever his name: Kessel, Primeau, York or Mara. Lewis painted himself in the corner and some players have to the right to question why Alberts and Tenkrat are warming the bench while stone hands player like Hoggan and Mowers ( who keep turning the puck over ) are logging ice time. That's simply R-I-D-I-C-U-L-O-U-S.

Now, when it becomes to win games; you cannot afford to fall in love with players who hurt you and benched players who can help you. There's no way a guy like Kessel can hurt the team on the offensive side but Kessel is playing 6 min/game. Of course, " The Genius " is convince that guys like Primeau/Donovan/Mowers and Hoggan can sparks the team offense. The hard truth is that those guys can't hit a soccer goal. Putting Primeau, who was called Big Preems by Lewis, in a 6 on 4 situation when you desesperatly need a goal is plain stupid. You need a goal which mean that you need a player with a minimum of scoring touch. Do Lewis is really serious in his attempt to convince us that Primeau fit the bill. Lewis is hurting the team and he keep doing it.

Of course, even when the team is embarass by the opponent, there's positives: " The team played well in the 2nd "; " we had speed and we had a good moving puck game ".... The fact is that Lewis is developping a culture of excuses where everything is good to justify a bad performances. When i looked, at the players comments after the last defeat, i was wondering if those guys were living on the same planet as the fans. In fact, no. They live in the same " Pink glasses planet " as Lewis and that's why this team is getting ZERO result.

Yes, the players are to blame for their lack of effort and consistency. But when you look on how bad Lewis is managing his roster and how ridiculous are some game decisions; Lewis is definitely, right now, a part of the problem. I hate to give players a pass, which i won't at this point, but there's too many talent on this team to see the kind of results we are seeing, now. Yes, the players are to blame but, right now, there's nothing but an empty slot behind the bench.


Blogger Matt said...

I agree with what you say, my basic point was that I feel we blame Lewis for some things out of his control, but he does derseve some of the blame, but not all.

9:59 AM  
Blogger Pekese said...

Lewis makes bad decisions and overplays veterans, who are AHLers. Obviously he cannot be blamed for the poor play of the players, but he has to realize if you can bench the young guys then you can bench the old guys too.

10:41 AM  
Blogger bruin62 said...

I agree lewis is the problem so why doesn't PC step in an force him not to play prems,mowers an york so much or better yet waive them. an if they clear send them down an bring some youth up problem solved. As GM he has to start to take control time is running out really fast an old JJ will be pointing a finger at him for blowing the year.

2:54 PM  

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