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Tuesday, January 30, 2007


Just all around an awful game played by the Bruins. In the last 4 games they've been out scored 19-3, OUCH! If anyone listened to the end of the game (sadly I did) Andy Brickley hit the nail on the head saying, "the Bruins will have to make some personnel changes if they have any chance of making the playoffs, otherwise they will be in the lottery again." I can't agree anymore with Brick.
The Bruins start off the game with a tic-tac pentely called on Wayne "I must get on the stat sheet one way or an other" Primeau, 17 seconds into the game. Not even a minute later Shean Donovan takes the dumbest pentely of the game, hooking Briere in the defensive zone. Chara shoots the puck out of play in the D-Zone and yes of course Buffalo cashes in on the 5 on 3. Great way to start the game it just gets worst.
Next Adam Mair is now the guy in the NHL I HATE the most at this point. David Krejci gets absolutely runner over by Mair way after the whittle and Mair gets a 2 mins in the box and hopefully is fined for his actions. Later in the game Mair takes a run at Brad Stuart after Stuart lays a guy out, text book style. Mair comes running at him and trys to put a lick on him. The best move on Primeau this year is coming off the bench in defense to this late cheap shoot by Mair and challenges him. I think Mair is a dirty player and the Bruins need to find a guy on waivers or call someone up for Thursday nights game against Buffalo to beat Mair's brains in. He tries to cheap shot Stuart with a 6 goal lead in the 3rd, real classy. This after the cheap shoot on Krejci who only played 2:07 in the game, this also shorted the B's bench. Andrew Alberts also took a slap shot just below his eye midway through the first. He came back stiched up and with a sheild on. Hopefully the swelling goes down and Alberts will be ready to go Thursday.
Back to the comments Brickley made, PC should know right now the team needs to make a move in one way or another. He has to know Brad Stuart's value and after seeing the last two games, Lewis has had to pull his starters. I work with Bruins former goalie coach Brian Daccord and just working with him, I know that the goalie shouldn't be on his back, butt, or stomach; look at the goals at least 5 of them the goalie is in one of those positions. One of two things needs to be done, the Bruins need to trade for a goalie or need to hire a technical goalie coach such as Daccord. Right now Bob Essensa is the goalie coach an has alot of NHL experience but is not a technical coach. The Bruins also need offensive help, Marc Savard can't do everything himself. All though he has been great he can't be acountable for 80% of the teams offense, as he is now.
I think the officating of the game was lobsided. I watched and saw plenty of holds and late hits not called on Buffalo. I still belive Mair should have gotten more than a minor for his first late hit. I hope Lewis skates the team into the ground tomorrow. I hope they remeber how awful they played, because if they do this at home Boston fans will boo them right out of the building (espcially a bunch of drunken college students, Thursday night is student night). I hope the Bruins slug the Sabers, I hope it's physical. Buffalo wanted to run the score up and if the Bruins play this way again the same results will happen.
Finally the only two guys who seemed like they played the whole game as hard as they could was Petr Tenkrat (who should be getting rewarded with more ice time), Brad Stuart who continued to play the body the whole game, and Wayne Primeau who might of not played his best game but stepped up and took one for the team and showed emotion. I know the Bruins don't have an enforcer so a guy like Primeau has to realize, hey I haven't played great someone's cheap shooted my team twice someone has to do that. I do belive Alberts would of but he already got hit in the eye and could of got hurt even more so. I don't care how much people get paid, if you're teams losing battle hard and try to put your team back in the game.

I hope David Krejci will be alright.


Anonymous Mack said...

Well I was at the game in Buffalo tonight. I was embarassed sitting in my Bruins jersey amongst thousands of Sabres fans. Having to listen to them make fun of the team and me. That was the first time I was officially embarassed to be a Bruins fan. This is getting out of control. Either dump salary and start rebuilding or get some guys in here that actually care. The only good thing that happened in the game tonight was Wayne Primeau dropping the mits with Mair. At least he showed some emotion. Which is more than I can say for Lewis.

10:39 PM  
Anonymous Cooch55 said...

Iagree with Mack. The Bruins showed no emotion. I think Brick also hit it on the head when he said Big Z should have dropped the gloves with Gostad maybe that would have spark the team. I also agree they need to build for the coming years, Phil needs more ice time and I think some of the young defenesmen kike suart and Lashoff need to be called up and get some experience.

4:38 PM  

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