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Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Thornton out vs Tampa

Shawn Thornton will not play tonight against the Tampa Bay Lightning. Thornton's injury is "undisclosed". The Bruins enforcer has played in every single game so far this season. Last season he missed 24 games with a foot injury. Bryon Bitz and Steve Mondator will skate on Stephane Yelle's wings tonight.

Manny Fernandez will be in goal tonight.


Anonymous psands said...

there you fucken go bitz, love it!!!

8:34 PM  
Anonymous willisss said...

aright....this ruled:

- manny wasnt tested TOO bad but looked sharp

- bitz pulled a hunwick and leveled the bitch with one blow

- it took looch one punch toa drop( granted i must say make , i felt somewhat bad, you know he didnt want to fight...but fuck him)

- it looks as of now, wer looking at the habs in the first round. normaly i would be a bit worried butttt its differnt this year. i would love nothing better then to just ruin them.

- 4 in a dominating fasion. looking alot like dec/nov again

- kobasew's STICK got a goal tonight...thats redic.

yeaaa yeaaa it was only tampa bay, but when your hot, your hot.

ps. eric miller, the cancer survivor/ jr broadcaster....totally had auto class with him my sr. year inhigh school

9:49 PM  
Anonymous Birdman2403 said...

Another good win ! Manny did look pretty good...WAY TO GO MANNY ! I thought Bergeron was flying tonight and looked as good as he has in a long time !

Can't wait for Thurday and Saturday. Making the trip from Winnipeg to see the B's live !!

10:25 PM  
Anonymous willisss said...

hell yea the dedication

10:43 PM  
Anonymous James said...

love the beard from thornton. manny was good. bergeron was awesome again. krejci is getting confidence back. hunwick and stuart are an awesome pairing.

10:52 PM  
Blogger Jefe77 said...

Good job by Manny, thats a major plus if he regains his form before playoffs, I expect Timmy to play out the playoff games, but its a confidence booster and motivation for Timmy...and give me the dirty habs....Bruins in 4!!!

Bergeron was awesome. This team has so many strengths, but its best is its depth at center, and Savvy, Krecji and Patrice are going to have an inspired playoff.
Thats one main factor how the dirty wings won 4 cups, 3 lines that can score in the playoffs. With goaltending and team D...I can feel a Bruins run.

While the playoffs have yet to start, the trophy performances are pretty much in the books. Chara should be a Norris nominee, but lets talk about my vote for Bruins MVP, Tim Thomas. As williss pointed out; i am gay for tim thomas. Why not? The guy is a pretty good story, and a damn good goalie who happens to play for the B's.

The B's have a 9 goal lead on SJ for the Jennings, and Timmy could be the 3rd Bruins goalie to win the Vezina. Unfortunately, Kipper has more wins with more games played, but Timmy's winning percentage is slightly better, and leads the league in save %, and gaa, while Kipper is not even top 10 in each category.

No-blockov who in my opinion will round out the nominees along with Thomas and Kipper, has the best win percentage by far, but also is not top 10 in save percentage or GAA. He has six shutouts; Thomas and Kipper with 4 each. That spells non-factor to me, so in my opinion, I think Thomas should win by virtue of a combination of win percentage, leading the league in sv % and GAA. One last little thing to consider, both Nabby and Kipper have been blown out a couple times each, but not Timmy. Any loss was a close one.

2:46 AM  
Anonymous vince m said...

Hey Birdman2403 you in Winnipeg? Glad to see another Winnipeger a huge fan of the Bruins.


9:20 AM  
Anonymous MC Puck said...

Dear Manny Fernandez,

Thank you for validating our faith in you. You are allowed to have a stretch of poor games, and we're thankful that you played well. Do not let it happen again.

- MC Puck


As far as the Vezina talks are concerned, there's maybe 4 guys who should be considered.

Tim Thomas (East) Nabokov (West) Kipper (West) Mason (West)... what happens when votes get split? Timmy Thomas takes home the hardware. I find it hard to believe that a guy who leads his team to the #1 seed and leads the league in 2 of the 4 biggest catagories doesn't deserve the Vezina. But we've seen robbings before.

Chara won't win the Norris, I hate to say it. I have a feeling Green in Washington will win that one.

Who do you think wins the 7th Player award? I originally thought Krejci buuuut... how about Kobasew? He's played well above and beyond his expectations, and hasn't really had a long stretch of games where he played poorly (something that happened to Krecji)

9:38 AM  
Anonymous psands said...

mc puck, i don't get your point on kobasew. kobasew is probably my favorite player on the bruins, so this is in no way a bashing of him, but the guy has not played above expectations. he is a great player, who when healthy can do exactly what he is doing this year. he has defiantly had a great year, the best of his career, but i did not expect anything else from kobasew this year.

with all the offensive talent on the team this year, kobasew gets overlooked. but i don't think he has played above expectations.

i agree that krejci would be a good fit for the award, or wheeler. wheeler was not even expected to make the team right out of camp this year, and krejci, in only his second year has become one of the best young centers in the game.
i did not expect either one of them to have such a big impact right away.

11:09 AM  
Anonymous MC Puck said...

Maybe you're right... Krecji is the guy I want to win it because I have a huge man crush on him, but I guess I was looking past him to see if there was anyone else deserving. Wheeler has been too streaky and only has 2 more points than Kobasew despite playing 13 more games. Wheeler was also a 5th overall pick... where did Kobasew go? He's played well above my expectations.

all in all, Krecji's number deserve the award, but Kobasew is a bruin, and I think he deserves a little credit.

12:27 PM  
Anonymous Dan.For.B's said...

Hey guys,

I'm a born Montreal French Canadian and HAAATTTEEE the Montreal Canadiens... i watch all their games wishig they lose all of them... Watch all the Bruins games on Center Ice even from Montreal... Can't miss one !

Like you guys, i can't wait to see Big Bad Bruins show the Canadiens they aren't tough enough !

And guys, i'm telling you... There's a lot of French Canadians cheering for Bruins here in Montreal !!

By the way.. Can't wait to go back in Boston... GREEAAT City..

Go B's !!!

12:31 PM  
Anonymous fallselatrappe said...

7th player should be Wideman hands down.

12:41 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

7th player is obviously krejci. WHo would hae penciled him in for 70 plus points this season..nobody. WIdeman has a had an awsome season but we caught glimpses off his greatness last season. Nobody thought krejci would perform this well in only his second season.

Bergeron did look fantastic last night.

3:22 PM  
Blogger Jefe77 said...

This comment has been removed by the author.

3:54 PM  
Blogger Jefe77 said...

Krejci for the 7th player is my vote.

5:54 PM  
Anonymous da wreck said...

They have the internet in Winnipeg? Weird.

Patrice Bergeron is going to be a Selke Trophy winner someday. You can bet on that. He's been an unbelievable 2 way player. His play down low in the offensive zone is amazing, and you can count on him in his own end to make solid defensive plays.

Determination, Perseverance, Inspiration to the Bruins.

Bergeron's my pick for 7th player.

7:43 PM  
Anonymous psands said...

i like the idea of having Bergeron getting the 7th player award. for a guy coming off a very serious concussion, and then having to deal with another concussion midway through his season, he has played very well.

he did look great last night too. before last night the one thing i would say that was missing from his game was his speed, he looked slow and tired compared to his normal self pre-concussions. last night he showed his speed was coming back a couple times.

8:58 PM  
Anonymous MC Puck said...

He named his left shoulder Lashoff too, that was a pretty awesome hit (he stalked him through the neutral zone)

9:38 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...


fernandez tonight vs. ottawa?

3:29 PM  
Blogger Jefe77 said...

Nope,...Vezina candidate Timmy Thomas...and he turned in another good one.

Next arguement, my favorite Bruin Marc Savard, is the best UFA the Bruins have signed that I can remember.

Is he the best UFA ever signed by the Bruins? That's a difficult arguement, but I dont think its too hard to say in at least the last 30 years he is the most quality UFA to sign with the B's. Not talking one season career ending signings, but an impact player at least in his prime. Chara may be the biggest candidate to argue my opinion, but Savvy has been a bit more valuable overall the last 3 seasons here.


9:57 PM  
Anonymous James said...

matt hunwick needs to play d. he is by far their best puck moving defenseman and it showed tonight. they could not break out and the d could not connect with any passes. sherriff i love how you play but you should be on the bench.

10:05 PM  
Anonymous da wreck said...

I'm glad they came out with the win, but maybe the Bruins should work on their passing at the next practice. They're lucky it was a down-and-out Ottawa team, and not a real contender. They were fighting the puck all night, with way too many passes not being crisp enough.

Like I said, nice win, but they've gotta get those passes tape to tape once the playoffs start, or they could be in trouble.

10:13 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

the last series of UFAs the bruins have signed have been pretty good...
wheeler (sorta)
to a lesser extent but still a good pickup:

chia trades have been decent too...
-wideman for boyes (yes, i liked this one)
-rask for raycrap (highway robbery)
-recchi (and a 2nd rounder) for loose change

some shyt ones:
-donovan for sheaffer (dono sucks too)
-junk for versteeg (meh, who knew?)

the lists go on...

10:14 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

noki for montador. wow montador sucks.

10:40 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

next year, trade ward, bring up boychuk, the kid is lighting it up. also sign hnidy as the seventh D-man.



i know im looking ahead big time, but i wanted to get that out. now i feel better, what do people think?

10:57 PM  
Anonymous da wreck said...

Playoffs are a couple weeks away. Why worry about what the lines will be next year? The only player I'm curious about in the off season is Tim Thomas. A lot of teams will chase him if he hits the market. But whatever. Playoffs are around the corner. LETS GO BRUINS

11:05 PM  
Anonymous psands said...

yea, don't worry about the team next year, enjoy this team, i really think they are going to make a great run during the playoffs. that team looks ok though, but i'm more worried about when kessel is coming back?
any news?

12:44 AM  
Blogger Jefe77 said...

I heard Kessel may only play the last couple reg. season games.

No need to hurry him back, Kessel does not play well when injured.

I say, rest him, and unleash him....

1:34 AM  

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