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Monday, March 30, 2009

Philly Recap

- Tim Thomas stood on his head again, making 45 saves. Another great game from the potential Vezina winner. Imagine the score if Manny Fernandez had started.

- Mark Recchi continues to be a solid trade deadline pickup. Recchi goes to the net and knows how to score from the dirty areas. He also drew a cross-checking penalty in front of the net which led to the 5 on 3 powerplay. The 41 year old now has 7 goals in 11 games since joining the Bruins.

- Steve Mondator badly lost his fight with Dan Carcillo. Carcillo landed atleast 5 solid punches to Mondator's head without receiving a clean shot in return. Mondator has been showing his guts but someone needs to teach him how to fight. He is a good energy and physical presence on the fourth line but I would prefer Bitz in that spot.

- Milan Lucic was hitting everything in sight and added two more goals. Lucic, now with 16 goals, is making a run at the 20 goal mark. When Lucic is at his game the Bruins feed off his energy.

- Another sloppy defensive game from Aaron Ward. Ward's streak of bad games continues with bad clearing attempts and turnovers which lead to scoring chances and goals.

- David Krejci had one of his best games in about a month. Having Lucic on his wing may be exactly what he needs to get him going. Lucic's presence added energy to that line and it really showed in both Krejci and Ryder who were both real physical two nights in a row.

Call me crazy but I still think the Bruins have a shot at the President's Cup. San Jose has three more points (same games played) then the Bruins but plays in Calgary tonight and has games remaining against hot teams (Anaheim twice, Edmonton).


Anonymous James said...

Watch Manny play in a game or two and cost Timmy the Jennings Trophy (lowest goal total allowed by team). fucking Manny

9:42 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

finally an update where latrappe

10:23 AM  
Anonymous MC Puck said...

alright alright you reverse bandwagoners, lets give Manny a bit of a break here. Sure, he's played AWFUL since returning from an injury, but he was rock solid early in the season, and I think the poor play is getting into his head. Terrible time to have a mental break down, but given that he's backing up Thomas, I'm comfortable knowing that he's still a solid backup.

(No need to tear him down, lets get behind him and hope he steps it back up.)

10:54 AM  
Anonymous psands said...

i agree that mannys poor play is getting to his head, and making him worse. but he has been playing like complete shit, so its hard to feel to bad when hes costing us games. although it is sad that he might have to retire after this year, injuries really fucked him over.

MC Puck, i think you are the only one who agrees with me that montador is a good fit on the fourth line. he brings a physical presence that bitz did not. i know everyone likes bitz, and i do too, but he needs to start playing like a 6'5 player before he starts playing. the guy plays soft.

1:38 PM  
Blogger Jefe77 said...

In the games leading up to the Pitt loss, Bitz has played soft psands, and until he does get back to playing the way he was that first got him called up, I agree, leave Montador on the fourth.

Every time Manny plays, I cant help but think about our Jennings chances decreasing as well...7 goal lead on NJ, but Timmy should be playing the rest of the games, save maybe the Islanders game which is the second of a back to back.

But, unlike one Bruins fans here (thats you willass), I never want a Bruin to fail or fold. I was glad to see manny prove me wrong earlier this season with good goaltending, and hopefully he can have one more strong outing before the playoffs start. The thing is, i havent seen him have a strong outing since January.

2:17 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

What is the bruins magic number for the eastern conf???

Mannys play has been very inconsistent since coming back from the injury. You think that the B's will give thomas a pedro type injury to give him a couple days off and bring tukka up for a little change between the pipes????

Lastly who do people wanna see in the first round of the playoffs? a lot of people want to see the Habs (me as one of them) but i wouldn't mind seeing carolina as well

2:48 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

There's nothing better than a Saturday night game with couple of busloads of drunken Canadians' fans lamenting a dose of whoop ass administered by the B's on their team. See you at Sullivan's Tap after the game, Frencie!

3:57 PM  
Anonymous willisss said...

i think im up to like 40 views now...i cant stop watching it

6:02 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

since bitz is pretty soft as some think, whata bout thornton? the guy cannot hit. he jumps and throws his ass into the other player. thats not hitting. now thornton, hes soft, and this guys suppose to be out there for that reason. yes he fights which i love but come on learn how to hit and stop playing so passive.

6:22 PM  
Anonymous Birdman2403 said...

I don't want Carolina in the first that's for sure ! I'll take the Habs !

6:40 PM  
Anonymous willisss said...

arightt aright..jefe im going to give you your moment.

i misjudged recchi. the guy is doing work. i was hoping for a long term player whos salary isnt being paid by social security. to fuck it, to each their own. and mr recchi is getting some work done.

i think mc puck is a wicked ass hole but hes 100 % right. he was rock solid at the begining and you being a goalie (jefe) you know how hard it is to stay focased and play your game with 0 confidence. if he truly is healthy then he needs to get those thoughts out of his head. its hard to do, iv been there. im sure you have too.

and whats this " i want players to fail" bull shit? i told you I HOPE TIM THOMAS PROOVES ME WRONG. i want him to. ill never like his style but i wouldnt want to see the bruins get spanked just so i could say i told you so. stop putting words in my mouth and stop putting cock in yours. ( i dont even mean that, but it made me lawl) so as much as you think im this anti bruin "fucktard dipshit dumbass" im hardcore pro bruins and always have been. yes, even when they sucked...for so long...

wer never going to see eye to eye and to tell you the truth i really dont give a shit, but your too caught up in letting everyone know how dumb i am and how right you are that you dont take in ANY good points. i know for a fact that your going to post somthing long and stupid about my 12 grammer mistakes and how much of a dipshit i am and blah blah blah but my opinion stands. even if its wrong to the all know, all mightly jefe

6:59 PM  
Anonymous psands said...

i agree that thornton is not a good hitter, and he is a terrible skater as well, but it is hard not to like a guy like thornton. he sticks up for his teammates, he can actually play the game, which most enforcers can not. he is a good fourth line player, and he is not afraid to play physical and except challenges from anybody, no matter how bad his hitting looks at times he still tries to hit.

anonymous, your real dumb to call him soft, he is far from soft. i have made my point about bitz many times before, its hard to imagine that he will ever be anything more than a 3rd line player at best, so he has to realize that the way he is going to last in the nhl is if he starts using his 6'5 body more.

7:56 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

WOW thornton soft, soft means he doesnt throw his body around, yeah he isnt the best hitter but he does his job. and whoever says hes soft id like to see u willingly drop the gloves with georges laraque, im pretty sure ud run the other way as fast as you could. sean is a 6 foot 205 LB guy who will fight anyone for a teammate. milan lucic is my favorite player and i love when he drops the gloves, but if a teammate gets run at (Savard by Parros, yelle numerous times) thornton is always there to answer the bell, while lucic lets the fights come to him, and chara just doesnt drop em anymore. i think he needs to do more of what he did when valabik went after kess. BIG BAD BRUINS HOCKEY WINS

8:20 PM  
Blogger Jefe77 said...

No williss, I will stop it as i said i would. The reason I "targeted" you in the first place was because of the way you approached eveyone as supposed front runners on Thomas, when pretty much eveyone here has been agreeance that Thomas has been stellar.

It was your initial approach that caused me to be an asshole to you, and I dont need to "have moments" with people and I dont present myself as the "be all end all" word. If anything, for the last 20+ months i have posted here, i have preached development, patience, loyalty and passion. As a Bruins fan, I dont think those are things I should apologize for, and i live by those virtues. I think I make viable points all the time, but I don' think you have been here to read any of them, it seems you came here to throw some stones, so I was merely throwing some back at someone who I didnt remember making any good points on anything.

I have my opinion, as you do yours, but what happened was you you initially bashed Thomas', all of us for being his fan only when he is playing well, and shot at us the "told you so" on Antropov. And when you tell me "Thomas will flop in the playoffs", that to me is translated as you looking for him to fail. It comes across as you wanting a Bruin to fail, for you to come on here and say "I told you so". Thats how you presented yourself, thus that is how it comes across to others.

I usually dont go out of my way to point out mistakes; lots are made but once again, you came off as someone who was for some reason rubbing his "be all end all" knowledge in our faces regarding Antropov and Thomas. Your the one who first came off that way, and we can end it now if you like.

I dont like arguing with Bruins fans, so maybe we can all enjoy the Bruins, and you will realize why you are wrong about Thomas' and Recchi, and how it doesnt take a "know it all" to figure out the value they bring.


10:19 PM  
Anonymous willisss said...

soooo wait a minute...i gave credit where it was due...i.e. mark recchi. you mean to tell me you dont think antropov raised his game? i mean fine. you dont like the guy. the fact is everyone gave me a lot of shit about how bad he is when he is in fact not. thats how it allll started.

yes. i bashed thomas. ill never respect the flop style. its time to move on with our lifes

i told you i was wrong about recchi. holy shit man get over yourself. just because i think somthing is going to happen does not mean i WANT it to happen. ( like tim thomas busting in the playoffs)

dude your not hurting my feelings, i dont care if you stop or not, i dont care if im "targeted" no one is asking for you to apologize.

lets look toward the future

10:41 PM  
Anonymous vince m said...

Once free agency opens. Does anyone think the Bruins will go after anyone or just stand pat and re-sign everyone?

Just curious as to what everyone else thinks.

and just call me superstitious but I still believe that whoever wins the Presidents Cup will not win the Holy Grail.

vince m

11:13 PM  
Anonymous MC Puck said...

I don't expect the Bruins to be major players in free agency. Recchi will likely retire, and if he doesn't he'll take a discount to play with a contender (in my opinion). I expect to see the Bruins looking at their development and holding steady realizing they have some studs brewing.

I love how I'm the asshole :) I just enjoy entering the fray. I'm objective and fair in my evaluation of players, and I think any points I made were validated. Still, maybe I was a bit of an asshole and I appologize.

As for Thornton being soft, I disagree whole heartedly. Granted, he doesn't lay guys out like a 'normal' enforcer would, but more importantly, he doesn't get caught up in playing like a goon. He's out there to win games.

Look at what happend to Looch when he focused too much on being physical and not enough on playing hockey. I respect Thornton for being an enforcer, but playing the game when he's not pounding someone's face.

I love when he pulls a move out of his ass too, always makes me giggle (yes, shawn thornton makes me giggle.)

12:01 PM  
Blogger Will Nailor said...

Tampa Injuries...
03/24/09 Marek Malik D Lower body Out until at least late March.

03/22/09 Cory Murphy D Foot Out until at least mid-April.

03/30/09 Matt Smaby D Lower body Questionable for March 31 at Boston.

03/23/09 Mike Smith G Concussion IR. Likely out for the season.

03/30/09 Paul Szczechura C Lower body Questionable for March 31 at Boston.

02/19/09 Andrej Meszaros D Arm IR. Out for the season.

02/19/09 Paul Ranger D Undisclosed IR. Out for the season.
Matt Lashoff recalled by Tampa from AHL for tonights game.

1:34 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I don't want to see the B's face Montreal in the 1st round, I'd rather see them play Florida - not as much of an emotional drain. Look what happened to the Canadians last year, they went 7 with the B's and were out in the 2nd round. Also, I mean how many years have the B's played the Canadians in the 1st round and don't have to go back too far to see Boston los to an eighth seeded Montreal...No thanks.

2:40 PM  
Anonymous MC Puck said...

Both are good points. My counter-points would be to go look at that Bruins team. 41 wins? we're nearing 50 and are near the bottom of the league in shootouts won, so that's not as much of a factor. Who were the leaders on that team? Joe Thornton, besides being a great hockey player, isn't half the leader that a guy like Chara, Yelle, or even Recchi. There's a ton of playoff depth and experience, and we have a coach commited to playing his game.

And as far as the emotional drain is concerned,I don't buy into that. This is the playoffs, there's a certain degree of emotional drain for any team, and last year the Canadiens weren't emotionally drained, they were battered and bruised. They stood NO chance against Philly, and unless you think Montreal has the ability to push the Bruins to the brink by beating them down, then we won't run into the same problem.

My issue is this, I'd rather play the canadiens, a team that is mentally soft (Carey Price comes to mind) before they get a chance to build some momentum and confidence. What if we play florida and Montreal beats Washington to get through to the second round... who has the biggest swing in momentum? Montreal. Give them to me first so we can just get it over with.

5:28 PM  

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