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Friday, October 20, 2006

Wind of Change in Philly?

Ed Snider said it all yesterday when he declared that he was not satisfied with the club performances and that he will analyse all aspects of hockey operations to find a solution. I was watching the Tampa bay-Philadelphia game, last night, on TSN and Philadelphia didn't respond at all to the owner speech. TSN's experts report that if nothing has changed after the week-end, you can expect major changes including the firing of GM Bobby Clark.

Latrappe's take: There's no surprise here since the team looks slow and played without passion. The defense is horrible; the offense struggle to score and Forsberg could be out for a long period of time. If you though that there was a crisis in Beantown; think twice. I think that Bobby Clark is the one who's on the edge right now. Clark had the ownership support for many years; even when he had teams who can won the big prize but failed to deliver the goods. He, also, failed to land the missing link in the form of a #1 goaltender. Clark refuse to acknowledge that simple fact and will probably die with it. Expect something huge in Philly if the team lose tonight against Florida. The team have a 5 days rest after tonight and it could be the good'ol it's " every men for himself".


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