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Friday, October 13, 2006

A Bad Taste In the Mouth

So, after 55 minutes of hockey 101, they collapse. Another glimpse from the past. Another deceiving result; another frustrating moment for the fans.

After seeing St. Louis owner guarantee a win, the B's were not gutsy enough to deliver the goods and spoil the party. What's the problem then? Leadership? Anxiety? Lack of finish? Panic?. There's no easy solutions here but last game showed that this team is a long way to go from his goal which is a playoff spot. When you think about it, the team was fine during most of the game until St. Louis's first goal. Then, they suddenly look like a deer stuck in the middle of road: they were terrified. Thomas, who was possess by Luongo spirit most of the game, start to get on his knees faster then a pilgrim eager to pray. At his discharge, Thomas who made the first save, on the last goal, didn't have any help from Paul "the tourist" Mara. The defensive squad started to play dumb and was unable to clear their own end. Everything in those 5 last minutes was too fast. So, I guess we can, already, make some asssumptions:

1- York and Dempsey (he didn't play yesterday) are NOT a part of the solution.
2- The power play unit is a complete failure.
3- The defensive squad , except for Chara and Alberts, are a bunch of pussies who refuse to clear the front of the net.
4- The line changes made by Lewis didn't produce as expected.

I know, it's early in the season and there's no signs that this team will collapse all season long. I'm not anxious; I'm tired. Tired to see those talented guys waste opportunities to be better. I'm tired of clich├ęs (we have to learn from this), excuses (learning the system is a process) or any kind of bullshit (we don't know each others well) who will be said in today's newspaper regarding team's last performance. After 30 years of mediocrity, I ant results. Not in 3 years, not in 3 months; NOW.

Last night's game reminds me how it was painful to watch the B's last year. It reminded how, since 30 years, this team is living on expectations without getting the job done. Last night, they simply push their luck too far. This team has no margin of error and until they proved us that they can be good an they should be. Until they proved us wrong, they will be tagged as a bunch of sorry losers.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Everything you write seems a bit over the top.

As I don't really want to read your whining about how the Bruins are a "sad bucnh of losers" just because of one early season road game loss, I'm pretty much done reading you. So long.


12:00 AM  
Blogger Latrappe said...

Poor Dupont, he whines so long against the B's... He lose a reader too. That's way too bad...

7:08 AM  
Blogger Latrappe said...

May i add that it's because of only one road loss... It's because of a 30 years drought... Until they proved, not to me, but to the entire league that they can be true winners, they will be consider as a bunch of sorry losers. Why do you think this team is always ranked at the bottom. Hockey writers talk about the losing philosophy in Boston and that road game was an example of that..

7:14 AM  
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