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Thursday, October 19, 2006

Calgary 10/19/06

After a 5 days rest, the team should be ready and excited as a young wife to play tonight's game.

Latrappe's key to win:

- Win faceoffs. The team is awful in that category and it's an important feature on PP/PK.
- Play good'ol defense in our own end (clear the zone by the board or the glass)
- Pack the front of the net during PP; Clear the whole thing during PK.
- Stay away from the box
- A 60 minutes commitment on the game plan.
- Stop being Fancy and pretty. Be effective !

Is your final result in OT/SO.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

One way to upgrade on faceoffs would be to put Boyes or Kessel on the same line as Savard and have them alternate with the draws. Boyes is on the same line tonight but eventually(hopefully), it will be Kessel-Savard-Murray with the Sturm-Bergeron-Boyes line being reunited.

6:10 PM  

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