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Sunday, May 17, 2009

Post Season Grades : Defensemen

Here are my grades for the Bruins defenseman this postseason. Grades are based on expectations and performances over the course of both playoff rounds.

Zdeno Chara - B+
11 games, 1 goal and 3 assists +1
After shutting down Alexei Kovalev and the Montreal Canadiens in the first round, Chara didn't have similar results against Eric Staal and the Hurricanes. Chara was dominate for the majority of the postseason but two bad games really hurt the Bruins.

Shane Hnidy - B-
7 games, 0 goals 1 assist - 1
Hnidy was forced into duty once Andrew Ference went down. The quick forwards of the Hurricane really exposed Hnidy for what he really is, a 7th defenseman. A few bad turnovers and breakout passes and his lack of mobility hurt the Bruins at times, but overall he played steady and wasn't beat on too many occasions.

Steve Montador - C-
11 games, 1 goal 2 assists +5
Montador had to step in and play big minutes once Andrew Ference went down. Mondator provided the Bruins with steady defense at times but his ill-advised pinching often created odd man rushes against and resulted in Samsonov's goal in game 7. He didn't provide anything on the powerplay and probably scared everyone in the building everytime he stepped on the ice.

Mark Stuart - B+
11 games, 0 goals 1 assist +5
Stuart showed up big this postseason with his steady, shutdown defensive abilities. He has been underrated all season long because of his lack of offensive production. Stuart deserves more credit then he gets especially with his outlet passes.

Aaron Ward - B-
11 games, 1 goal 0 assists + 4
Ward played great in a shutdown role along side Chara early, but struggled against Eric Staal and the quick Hurricane forwards. The weakness with Chara and Ward paired together was their lack of mobility and ability to transition the puck for quick breakouts.

Dennis Wideman - C+
11 games, 0 goals 7 assists +3
Wideman partnered with Montador to be the shakiest defensive combinations on the back end. Wideman played well at times but his consistency was not there. Had many bad turnovers throughout the playoffs. When the Bruins needed Wideman to step it up and run the powerplay, he simply did not come through in the clutch.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

montador F

4:01 PM  
Anonymous James said...

Montador wasnt as bad as everyone thought he was. Wideman played like shit all playoffs.

6:50 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

The defense could not get out of their own zone with crisp passes to the forwards. This allows the forwards to break out cleanly and generate our own speed thru the neutral zone.

We need to get a player (or players) that can help in this area or will suffer the same result next year (no cup). We have WAY too many defensive defensemen.

Montador's wind up, wiff slap shot, non-clear is my lasting memory of that guy. Please say he won't be back.

10:32 PM  
Blogger Jefe77 said...

Mantador played as well as he should have, or as good as Bruins fans could have expected of him.

Aside from Ferrence being completely ineffectual after his return, Wideman absolutely was the biggest overall disappointment in the playoffs.

I pretty much agree with these ratings, but I would give Mark Stuart an A-. While not in all games, overall he was better than Chara all playoffs long. Stuart proved to the Bruins how valuable he is, while Chara underachieved.

2:47 AM  
Blogger Gibby4 said...

Could Some one post a list of all of the free agents please :]

6:53 AM  
Blogger Gibby4 said...

here is a good link regarding my earlier comment, which ones do you think the bruins are looking at/ which one do you think thay need the most?

6:59 AM  
Anonymous rccpuck82 said...

Hnidy did have a goal...Against the Habs... Oh and how about both Wideman and Montador having more minutes than Chara after regulation in game seven... Something wrong with that picture....huh?

9:00 AM  
Anonymous MC Puck said...

I think the grades are fair, and I think people are focusing too much on isolated incidents rather than the players complete body of work. Montador wasn't horrible every time he touched the puck, but enough that he deserves the C- (possibly a D+?) Chara underachieved at times, true, but in the first round and in the 3 wins against Carolina, Chara was the man, using his size to beat the Canes forwards into the ground, and his reach to keep the lanes closed. If he had a big game in game 7, I dare say we'd be singing a different tune.

Next season with a healthy Ferrence and Hunwick (if he stays), I think the Bruins should ship Montador, and keep Hnidy as their 7th. They have some depth down in Providence that could prove helpful throughout the season should some injuries happen on the blue line.

That being said, I think Wardo will be gone, and I think there will be a few moves. Good luck PC!

9:52 AM  
Blogger Pekese said...


I am going to do a few different postings on free agents in the near future. Next up will be grades for the forwards.

11:31 AM  
Anonymous HabMan said...

Maybe they all gets throat surgery because they all is chokes!

5:09 AM  
Blogger Gibby4 said...

habman.....ur an idiot

4:51 PM  

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