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Tuesday, March 03, 2009

Bruins pushing for Pronger?

The rumors won't die.  Recent rumors are still there that the Bruins are pushing hard for Chris Pronger.  

I don't see the Bruins dealing Kessel, especially for Pronger.  I know he is an elite guy, but he is 34, and trading a 21 year old, no matter how inconsistent he may be at times, makes no sense.

I don't think it will take Kessel to land Pronger, as the rumors of TJ Oshie for him were squashed, and you can debate if Kessel is better than Oshie.  San Jose believes it will take Cheechoo, Erhoff and a 1st.  Pipedream. 

I think Murray is going to try and deal Pronger, and is going to try and get the most he can, but if you are trading your best scorer, it should be for a signed Bouwmeester, or a younger stud.  

Kessel is 21!!  He is on pace for 35 or so goals, and I don't think he is going to command the 5 million dollar salary people thought he would when he was on pace for 50.  We are talking Cheechoo money here, 3 million per.  

Colborne, 1st, Stuart, Sobotka and a conditional 3rd is what I'm willing to trade.  

How to make this work?  We can trade MFMF to Detroit or somewhere for a pick.  Think of it this way, would you rather help Detroit get by San Jose, or have San Jose beat Detroit.  Because I'd much rather play Detroit and San Jose.

Will Pronger be in black and gold?  I don't know, but if he is traded I think Boston is the leading spot, we have the assets, we have the need and desire.


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