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Sunday, November 12, 2006

My Tim Thomas View

Ok, I love how this site has all this energy towards Tim Thomas and I am giving my opinion on him. As well all know Latrappe does not like him. We all have that player we just don't like on our team.

Thomas I am not so harsh on. Sometimes I think you are to easy on him though. Latrappe is right, that he does give momentum killer goals and reality guys, he is no number 1 goalie. You won't win a championship with him. Not that are team is capable right now, but yeah you get what I mean.

Thomas is an ok goalie. I am not like, "where going to lose he is in net." I have faith in him, but I still want a better goalie on the team. I can blame a loss on him this season, the game vs. St. Louis. But I don't blame him for the loss's vs. other teams.

Now you may say that well it is the teams fault. BUT what separates a great goalie from an average goalie is well, just that. A great goalie can fight a win for a team even on a bad night. They will make that save they aren't supposed to. They will steal a win. Thomas has not done that so far, and thus is not performing to expectations. We can't put the full blame on him, but he is part of the problem not the solution. I'd take him on my team as a backup any day, but not a starter.


Blogger nash said...

I can't think of anyone on the team in the past few years that I didn't like... except for Axelsson.. but, my opinion has changed. I am starting to feel a little sour towards Stuart, Mara and Sturm. These guys need to start bringing their A games... Aren't some of them going to "test" the market next year? Makes sense to have a good year going into that! Smarten up guys!

It is interesting to note, the Bruins are on a slight incline of late, seven out of ten points... will the trend continue... Is the Gel, gellin'?

1:52 AM  
Anonymous greg said...

Your commeents are quite reasonable.

But I wonder: why no room for Thomas to get better? I know he's been around a long time and that he's not a kid. But exactly when does an athelete reach his best? Why not some room for a late bloomer?

He definitely had some sort of breakout last year. I know he's not the best goaltender in the NHL, but I see no reason to say he can't ever be...

12:10 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Greg, Latrappe and Matt are saying the same things on Thomas:
1- He's not a #1
2- He allowed momentum killer goals
3- He's not the solution

So why are you picking up on Latrappe ( who have a much brutal style ) and gave a free ride to Matt; who basically said the same thing. You said, in another thread, that Latrappe had a bias. May i ask you what is YOUR bias? The two posts are saying the same thing but your attitude is very, very different.

6:17 AM  
Anonymous greg said...

This is long after the fact, and I'm not sure this will even get posted. But "icing" writing as "goaltender's coach" wants to know why I give Matt more slack than latrappe.

I actually answered this once upon a time here, but my message never appeared. What it boils down to is this: Matt's opinion is reasoned and I can respect it. I feel lattrapp, on the other hand, is just scapegoating Thomas. He doesn't recognize when Thomas does well, yet jumps all over him when he makes a minor mistake. He jumps to the conclusion that a given goal is soft, yet a replay clearly shows it was tipped. In short, he holds Thomas to a kind of unfair scrutiny no goaltender could possibly live up to.

So it's not about whether or not I agree with them. Who cares about that? It's more about the level of respect I have for their opinions.

My personal bias? I prefer logical, rational, reasoning supported by facts. I freely admit the opposite of that greatly annoys me.

3:33 PM  

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