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Sunday, November 12, 2006

Boston Edge Ottawa 4-3

The B's rebounced after an ugly performance against Toronto. The B's need points and they find a way to get 2 last night against Ottawa. Here's the heroes and zeroes of last's night game.

- Peter Tenkrat. First game; first goal. He brought energy and hard work. Good job
- Offense: Another good performance by the offensive squad. They produce on the PP and it start to show results.
- Chara: He step up big, again , against his old teammates.

-Martin Gerber: Gerber was probably the B's biggest asset. He gave two horrible goals. Without him, the B's would have another mark under the "L" column...
-Tim Thomas: It's not the puck you stop; it's the one you let in. Neil looks like Maurice Richard on the second goal. A momentum killer...
- The entire B's roster for continuing to take stupid hooking penalties. Come on guys, give the extra stride to avoid the gate.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Dupont on Thomas:

Tim Thomas was back on duty for the Bruins last night, and the good-guy goalie again had his shaky moments, even with the Bruins ahead on the scoreboard much of the night. Jason Spezza potted Ottawa's first, for a 1-1 tie, connecting on an open net from the left circle after Thomas was slow to regain his feet following an attempted block of a Tom Preissing shot from the right side.

With just less than a minute to go in the second, he was beaten by the ham-fisted Chris Neil, who popped a blind backhander past Thomas near the left post.

9:56 AM  
Anonymous greg said...

How could you possibly watch the first period of this game and not call Thomas THE hero, not just one of them? Once again you ignore everything good about Thomas and focus on the one bad thing you could find. This really bugs me, I guess because, as a scientist, I have little respect for people who only see what fits their preconceived notions. And you dumped on Thomas here before the season even began... I also have problems with people who won't give others a fair chance, again, based on preconceived notions.

He played agressively and it worked 99% of the time. He was out of position for one goal because of his aggressivness. And in the last few games he's been slow to get up once down (maybe a minor injury?). I never saw that last year.

NESN did a nice review of his saves in the first period and there was one amazing save after another. He stood on his head. And you could see how it lifted up the team--everything hat you claimed he needed to do! And now you simply pretend he didn't do it.

Clearly you won't be happy until we have some over-paid wannabe in goal.

11:29 AM  
Blogger Latrappe said...

Greg, i'm honnest enough to give credit where it's due. But The fact of the matter is 1- With a 3-1 lead, Thomas let in a softy who killed the team's momentum and 2- The team won because Gerber was plainly awful. I won't hesitate for one second to deliver a Hero status to Thomas when he will stop to allow one softy per game. We were very lucky to face a team like Ottawa last night. If the B's played against a team above .500; they would probably lost that one.

To answer your question about the overpaid wanna be... I will be statisified when our goaltenders will make the save they have to make. Many peoples said that with a letigimate offense; the team would win. They win for sure but they barely make it. So goaltending and defense is where you have to look.

The fair chance Thomas had it since the beginning of the season. He doesn't do the job, period. He's not in a position where he should be and that's granted. The defense is not playing the game they should and that's granted too. But you have to recognised that our goaltending doesn't make the save they should. If i'm dishonnest because i'm not giving a fair chance to Thomas; there's other peoples who equally dishonnest to not recognise that our goaltending is not where it should be.

12:34 PM  
Anonymous greg said...

Just be honest again (like you did once). I can at least respect that. But PLEASE stop telling us you are being fair and then say what you say. Your responses in the comments don't match with what you say up front.

You aren't giving him a fair shake at all. He stole this game in the first period. If he hadn't it would likely have been another game just like Toronto. Fair means seeing the good along with the bad. I'm not making this up: the NESN team highlighted his big saves after the first period, and had he not been extremely sharp they would have been down by 4 goals...

No goalie could stand up to the test you are putting on Thomas. None. Not in game after game. They all get scored on and they all get caught out of position and they all let in soft goals. The difference in the great goalies is they do it less often. Thomas may not be a great, but he's also had no help up front, and despite what you say he hasn't played poorly enough for you to single him out the way you have.

I say "hero of the game", and you say "zero?". You could have at least given him the middle ground. The fact that you didn't reveals your bias, despite your denials.

1:57 PM  
Blogger neb said...

look...when your goalie gives up 2-3 goals and you win, the goalie has done his job. personally i would put thomas on the hero side with some of the save he did make... latrappe is out of control... his attidute and inablity to see the big picture has me considering resigning from posting here.

2:27 PM  
Blogger jimbuff said...

Thomas neither hero or zero. Never won the game for us and never played that bad that he lost it for us. Thomas was a non-factor.

2:45 PM  
Anonymous greg said...

"has me considering resigning from posting here."

Naw neb -- just keep posting your point of view.

And besides, I know I come down on latrappe hard but he's not wrong all the time about everything. He's just a bit over the top, that's all.

Could we use better goaltending? Sure! Kiprusoff would do nicely... but that ain't going to happen.

The B's are in between a rock and a hard spot on this one: the offense is finally clicking some, but the defense breaks down too much and the goaltending doesn't always bail them out of it. So what do you do, cut off your nose to spite your face and trade away somebody like Murray, who's a big part of the one good thing they have going for them? It's a tough one.

I'm wondering why so much attention is being put on the players: what about the coaches? How is that two goaltenders who showed so much promise last year are suddenly struggling?

How is it that offensive players are still allowed to stand in front of the net without anyone there to bump them, get in their way, and lift their stick? On paper this is a good defenseive squad... so what the hell is holding them back? Doing something about the guy in front of your net is pretty basic stuff.

I smell a bigger problem here than one or two players. I think it's time to start talking about the coaching staff.

3:03 PM  
Anonymous Tim Thomas said...

I got to agree with neb. It seems that latrappe is a bruins hater (or just doesn't watch hockey) posing as a bruins fan.
neb, I don't always agree with you but you are honest with what you post and oviously have a great deal of hockey sense. Keep posting here as your insight is valued by some of us.

3:22 PM  
Blogger TreeBob said...

I was going to complain but Greg and neb said everything tha needs to be said.

Is "Ghost of the gates" referring to my blog? If so that would be Ghosts of the Garden. A Bruins reference. The arena they played in...

3:27 PM  
Blogger CaptBubba said...

Thomas should get some credit for bouncing back after getting yanked on Thursday in a painful performance by the whole team. Ottawa had a few, as Fred Cusick would have said, "glittering opportunities" and Timmy stopped them. When the B's give up the first goal, they're usually toast, so he held them off and made some big saves when he had to. Vezina-caliber goaltending? No, but right now I'll take the two points.

Petr Tenkrat was the best forward on the ice for both teams, IMO.

3:27 PM  
Blogger neb said...

ive calmed down a little....

here is the thing that got to me the most about latrappe's post. gerber helping the bruins on "two horrible goals". i am trying recall one horible goal?

first goal is on a rebound on the power play - is this a horible goal? i am going to say no.

second goal tenkrat is alone in the slot, nothing gerber could do.

third goal was from an angle but i remember a day when wings would fly down the wing and shoot and it was a great goal....not a goalie mistake. this is the only one that the goalie stood a chance on but heres the thing, glen murray is a legitamate goal scorer. i give these to the shooter. i was not upset by kovalchucks goals on thomas on monday for the same reason, goal scorers... well simply put they find ways to score goals and teams shut them down, not goalies.

so that leaves us with the screened tipped goal that bergeron scored. was this soft... screened AND tipped... does not sound soft to me?
i was at the game so i do not have the benifit of having seen replays of these goals in super slow-mo but whatching them in person ill say that it looked to me like gerber was beaten by good hockey and did not give up a single horible goal.

for the above reasons its now my oppinion that latrappe holds no goalie crediblilty, he just can not evaluate the position.

7:11 PM  

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