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Saturday, November 11, 2006

Ottawa: 11/11/06

Bruins must stop Spezza-Heatley connection. The two have been put back on the same line recently. Last game Spezza had a goal and 2 helpers and Heatley netted 2 goals. The Bruins always find a way to play the Sens tough. Once again the Bruins are going to have to play much better in their D-Zone with the highly offensive Sens. Ottawa has also had some problems between the pipes Ray Emery has played well but is now injuried and Martin Gerber has struggled most of the year. Look for this game to be highly offensive.

Bruins keys to win:
1. Shoot the puck (earily and often), Gerber's struggled lately
2. Play better in the defensive zone
3. Stay out of the box, the Bruins struggled in that department this year
4. The B's goalie (whoever it's going to be) has to bail the team out at least once with a big save

Ottawa 5
Bruins 4


Blogger Latrappe said...

They hook the opponent because they cheat on the ice and refuse to give the extra stride to do the job without taking the gate. That's too bad. For a week; rumours are swirling around the team. if they lose tonight; it's will be every men for himself...

6:05 PM  

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