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Saturday, March 08, 2008

Where Are You, pt. 2

So, clearly this last post generated some spirited discussion, which is exactly what I like to see on this blog. I want to take this second post to elaborate just a bit more on the first one so all can understand where I really was coming from.

My problem with the Bruins at the deadline didn't stem from the fact that they didn't get Marion Hossa. In fact, I'm glad they didn't give up Kessel because I'm convinced he will become a much better player, and soon. My problem arises with the fact that a simple swap of a draft pick or mid-level prospect in Providence would have yielded, at the very least, a depth defenseman. It's no secret that Shane Hnidy really isn't doing much. Couple that with the absence of Aaron Ward for the past three games and Andrew Alberts for months now, and clearly there are going to be issues on defense.

It wouldn't have taken much to help this team out and it most certainly wouldn't have screwed up the precious "chemistry" that made this team so good over their 6 game winning streak. Each person reading this needs to take a second and really think about whether this team is really better without having made any move whatsoever. Sure would have come in handy with a savvy veteran like Ward out of the lineup.

On another thought, today and tomorrow mark two extremely important games for the Bruins. The Capitals are first up for the B's at home today and retribution is the key word of the day. If this team can't get up for a game like this after the 10-2 drubbing they took last Tuesday then they have no business being in the playoffs. Furthermore, this is a weekend where the Bruins have to win both games to prove to themselves that they belong in the race for Lord Stanley.


Blogger Patrick said...

lucky win today 2-1. ill take it even tho its sad that we can only score on 5-3. thank you donald "the dumbarse" brashear.

3:46 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I do think the team should have made a move at the deadline. But what's done is done!! it's "gut check time" BIG WIN today over the caps with a few breaks going the bruins way and wins over the rangers and the senators by mid week they could be in 5th. GO B's

4:49 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

yeah hnidy was a beast against washington yesterday...dont be hating on hnidy right now

9:14 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

i think what this shows is that the bruins are actually a pretty bad team - in that when they play their best and play the system julien has put in place, they can win. but there is no margin for error (especially with all the injuries) and anything less than their best results in a loss or worse, a total blowout by sub-par teams.

julien has gotten a lot out of this team and should be able to turn this around. he's got to be up for a few votes for the jack adams award.

12:12 PM  

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