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Tuesday, February 26, 2008

No Moves - NO EXCUSE

As I sat at my desk today at work, listening to every possible radio broadcast, podcast, and any other cast there is for trade rumors, I was waiting for the Bruins name to come across the trade wire. 12 o'clock passes - nothing. 1 o'clock passes - nothing. 2 o'clock passes - still nothing. Finally, the deadline passes - nothing altogether.

Lets just back this up a bit here and throw some rational thinking out there. The Bruins currently stand in 7th place in the East with 70 points. They currently have 165 GF and 167 GA. Their defense ranks 3rd in the Eastern Conference for the least amount of GA. Clearly the defense is playing extremely well and much better than last year.

On the other hand, the offense has scored the second LEAST amount of goals in the conference and 5th least in the entire league. Now, I can fully understand and accept why Peter Chiarelli did not pull the trigger on Marion Hossa this weekend or even today. It is still too soon to give up on Phil Kessel and hanging onto the youth is a wise decision, especially when you couldn't extend said "impact forward."

Now, I purposely haven't read any reaction columns regarding the B's inaction during the deadline because I wanted to have my own opinion and not let it be influenced the least bit. Furthermore, I wanted to keep my frustration at a high until I was able to get to this computer. Thus, here's my thoughts: Just like the title says, there is NO EXCUSE for the Bruins making no moves whatsoever during the trade deadline. I will not accept that the asking price for EVERY SINGLE player today was too high. I guarantee there was some type of player that could have been added to provide some sort of scoring punch or defensive depth that this team could have used.

The Capitals made several moves, the Rangers made a couple, and the Lightning started the day as sellers and turned into winners with their deadline deals. Teams moved draft picks in order to gain NHL-caliber roster help and the Penguins made themselves scary good with the acquisition of Hossa. Yet, in the meantime, the Bruins conveniently said they had a couple of deals in the works and that they were competing against a couple of other teams. Still nothing.

Standing in 6th place going into tonight's game against Ottawa with the potential of the teams first playoff birth since the lockout and somehow they cannot pull off a single move. It is a pathetic excuse and by all my impressions it is an extremely slippery slope to be resting all of your laurels on the slight possibility that Patrice Bergeron might be able to contribute IF they make the playoffs.

Sooner or later we'll get an explanation from Chiarelli or Cam Neely regarding the Bruins thought process today. I'm interested to hear what they have to say for sure, but it's going to take a lot to convince me that nothing was the right move.

That is all.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I agree 100% Well put!

8:04 PM  
Blogger Federko said...

The thought process was "The asking prices were too high" and I would not doubt that. The trade deadline is basically losing teams holding winning teams hostage for short term returns that historically do NOT pay off. So then, why bother?

If the trade was there and was not going to rob us of our future then I am sure he would have made it. The addition of one or two players was not going to make our chances any better if they were stripping something from the current roster.

8:27 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Federko,you crystallized thoughts eloquently.

8:56 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Trade Deadline, 3pm Wednesday, Feb 27th?

"Didn't get the's called Bruins!"

9:10 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

tell me, what move would you have made. since hossa didn't want an extension, he wasn't coming here. so, what else was there.

9:12 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

JHA, you sound as dumb as the rest of the bridge jumpers. Quit your bitchin!

9:29 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

no shit...just cuz PC didnt wanna can the farm system and deal our future away for a 2 month rental doesnt mean we lost out...honestly by the way we played tonight i dont see any need to acquire anyone else...the confidence from upper management in believing in this team should be enough to get us going...keep up the good work

10:05 PM  
Blogger André Medeiros said...

i agree too
with your opnion
that's ridiculous chiarelli don't pick anybody
the excuse is here-> Chiarelli: "I have confidence in this team."
ow you're kidding me, right ?
that's ridiculous

10:28 PM  
Blogger Kevin said...

at first i was a little upset, but i think thats just due to the excitement of possibly having hossa (or anyone else that can give them a boost)

but im somewhat confident in this bruins team. they're young, talented, and not flashy. in the playoffs defense always wins you the games. with the scrappy attitudes in the playoffs and the emotional boosts that fights have given the B's all year i cant wait to see how these playoffs go.

if theres one thing that worries me, its veteran leadership. maybe a stupid question, but is there anyone that they can sign/call up/claim from waivers to just provide a little moral support?

10:34 PM  
Blogger Kevin said...

plus i think crosby/malkin/hossa would be easily intimidated over the length of a playoff series. and we have chara lucic and thorton =)

10:38 PM  
Anonymous BosBrn77 said...

I disagree with you JHA! Although I too would have liked to have seen a move made, I'm still happy with the team. It would have been nice seeing MA Bergeron come over from the Isles or Liles from the Avs, but nothing happened. And in the long run, that could benefit us more then making a deal.

So many of us bitched last year when we moved Boyes and Jurcina. Two talented young players that would still look great on this team. But what did we get for it? Wideman!! Although he is playing well, I'd still rather have Brad and Milan here over him.

But think about this. For the first time in many years, we have an influx of quality young talent coming up. Providence is the best team right now in the AHL. We have Kessel, Lucic, Krejci, Lashoff, Rask, Nokelainen, and Hunwick that are all going to be huge parts of our future!

Obviously I would have loved to land Hossa... but at what price? We lost no players, prospects, or picks for a rental player. This team is not just one or two players away from the Cup. They need some maturity... which comes with time. I like what PC did. He didn't deal our future for a quick fix.

It is pretty bad when we blast him for making deals... and then blast him for not making deals. Obviously he is the GM for that reason. He knows what is best for the team.... better then any one of us!!

7:10 AM  
Anonymous mook said...

late breaking deal:
bruins trade away their youth for washed-up scoring who are likely to walk over the summer. is that what you wanted to hear? bruins did well by not making moves...and it showed when they pumped the sens 4-0. sure the sens are struggling, but thomas is absolutely snakebit when it comes to they must of played well and with confidence. honestly, most of the league's scorers are either locked-up or coming-up in this upcoming draft. signing hossa (or even gretzky) at this point isn;t going to get anyone any closer to winning the cup. are the pens going to win now? not unless they sign zarley zalapski too...

8:45 AM  
Blogger André Medeiros said...

ok ok
this is a investment in long time
we have great young players
but in playoffs experience is a KEY WORD....
with bergeron out
the team lost THE KILLER in the offense
and now ?
stupid things by chiarelli in this year:
*manny fernandez-> the deception
*no big moves


8:54 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

andre shut up and go back to montreal boards...hammil is on his juniors team because hes only 18 or 19 he is no where near NHL ready and these young players have to get experience in the playoffs so quit your bitching

9:12 AM  
Blogger André Medeiros said...

calm down man
i know that!!!
my question about hammil only curiosity...
i don't talk about hammill in this playoffs
understand ?
just curiosity

12:01 PM  
Blogger Jefe said...

At least Mook knows what he is talking about.

Yeah, we were out of the running for Hossa.

Was there ANYONE else worth trading the Bruins youth or high picks for?


SO shut up about it, and time will tell you we would have exited in the first or second round, and thrown away major building blocks. Hossa was not going to sign for a long term with the Bruins YET. He knows we will have more cap room next season, and likes Chara, Savard, and Chia. Chia was NOT going to trade away the team, for a player he has a GREAT chance to sign as a UFA in the offseason. Just think, if some of you were the Bruins GM, we would keep cycling that average team. You dont realize it, but you were into MOC's and Sindens quick fix history.

A playoff rental, Yeah, Gonchar really worked out! Now Shoan Morrison is one of Washingtons prized assets. Maybe you will realize the quick fix was the OLD Bruins way. Props to Chia for bringing in a new mentality.

Sure didnt seem like we needed any help last night.

Prospal, oft injured Havlat, arent worth a bag of Bruins pucks let alone Mark Stuart, Phil Kessel, or a first or second rounder.

Everyone asked for a new GM, a GM with different ways. Now we got it and you still complain. It is going to take a Stanley Cup before you all realize something has been in the works. In the meantime I can expect to hear a bunch of idiotic rants and complaints.

One more thing; NEVER QUESTION OR CHALLENGE CAM NEELY. You dont think he had any input here?

2:35 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

BRAVO! Well said my friend. All the chia haters are they same ones who called for MOC's head...get a life. the guy didnt trade away for a sexy name an so many people throw in the towel. Tards...

4:36 PM  
Blogger Kevin said...

well said jefe

6:24 PM  

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