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Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Deadline comes and goes, no moves.

Are we mad or happy?

I am both. I am both. While it sucks we didn't land Hossa, the Habs didn't get him. Also, Pittsburgh will likely lose him to free agency, and they gave up A LOT for him. Esposito was a top prospect, a 1st rounder, Colby Armstrong and Erik Christensen.

We didn't give up Kessel or anyone for that matter in a panic move. I am glad Chiarelli held on to our assests, but it didn't work out. It looks like we had a deal in place for Hossa, but an extension could not be reached. We'll see you in July...

It sucks that we didn't make any moves for depth, like Liles or Bergeron as a puck moving defenseman which wouldn't have costed much.

It pisses me off when you could get a guy like Lapointe, a tough phyuscal guy, for a 6th rounder or something. Or even Sergei Federov for almost nothing. Or give up a little for Prospal. I don't know, it kills me to not see this team get better, but at the same time I am glad we did not panic. I just wanted one more forward to help us out.


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