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Saturday, July 28, 2007

Top 10 Worst Signings this Offseason

1) Scott Gomez. Signed a big juicy 7 year deal worth 51.5 million. 10 million on the first season. Now check this calculation. Say he has a 7o point season, which is a little above average for him, but say 70 points. That's 142,857.14 per point. Breaking the bank. Even if he hits over 80 points, it is still 100g per point. Gomez is a nice player. But the guy has cracked 20 goals..once! He has never cracked 90 points. As a C, he isn't much of a playmaker either. His career high for asssits is 56. Glen Sather...there is a salary cap.

2) Roman Hamrlik. 4 years/22 million. Mr Gainey...You are going to pay 5.5 per for the next 4 seasons? First off...Hamrlik is an average defender. Nothing special. He is a top 4 guy on any team. He is a top defender on a bad team. WAIT! Doesn't that mean...yes! Montreal sucks! For a guy who doesn't score for a defender. Can't play the PP. He is a stay at home guy. Thanks, but I already have Aaron Ward. Hamrlik will be a solid defender, but had the price been 4 million or under, it would have been a nice signing. BTW Bob, you could have paid 200k extra and keep a guy the Habs actually liked. And when the bitched because he sucked, you could have said, you wanted him.

3) Sheldon Souray. 5 years/27 million. Kevin Lowe is a dumbass. Besides dealing Ryan Smyth and Chris Pronger. Okay, you want star players. Vanek didn't work out. Now Penner may not. But, don't get desparate. Souray had 1 good season. 1! He sucks in his own end. Had he been on the Bruins he may have been -100. Something fishy about Souray. He had one season of 60 plus points. 2 alright seasons prior to this one, but only 35 and 39 points respectively. Before that...14 career high was 11 points. He has never played a full season until last. Lowe just cap hindered his team for years, and his player is probably worth 3 million at most for 2 years.

4) Jason Blake. Something about Canada. 5 years/20 million. JFJ, you have just won an award for being A WORSE GM THAN MOC. Kubina 5 million, now Blake at 4? Where to start. Length is 5 years. Blake is 33. So when he hits the final year of his deal in Toronto, because no way in hell he is ever traded unless Columbus wants to put him on the same line as Fedorov, who will be 100 years old then, he will be 38. I don't recall any 38 year old being worth 4 million. The length isn't just the issue, the amount is as well. 4 million for a 40 goal scorer is market price, but it'd be nice if it weren't a 1 year wonder in a contract season. He will likely pot 20 and end up with 50 points, but that's not worth 4 million. 4 straight seasons of 20 goals...only 1 that cracked 30. Never cracked 60 points until last season. Had 18 points in 82 games his first full season. Average winger at best. An awful signing. Too long, too much. Why can San Jose score a 50 goal scorer for 2.5 per season for 5 seasons. They also paid 7.2 million for 130 points in Joe Thornton. Wish the B's had a guy like him....Okay, I'll revoke the Worse GM than MOC award from JFJ.

5) Chris Drury. 5 years/35.25 million. Why don't we give the cup to NY now? They got Gomez, and Drury, add that with Jagr and Prucha. Oh my! Think again idiots. Drury was a guy, who before was on Buffalo who has about 100 30 goal scorers, was a checking line center that would have earned 4 million in any market. I thought he would only make 5 million a season maybe 6 if some team went insane. By insane I think I forgot to include Sather. The Knicks and Rangers have a lot in common, they suck, and they can't buy a championship. Drury, arguably better than Gomez number wise, actually he is, was more consitant. He was a regular 20 goal scorer every season of career except one, but never cracked 30 until the past two seasons. He averaged around 50-60 points a season. Average for a center. You are telling me that is worth 7.050 over the next 5 seasons? Marc Savard got me 96 points on a SHITTY Bruins team and makes 5 million. 14.1 million for 120 points. The Pens got that in 1 player for less.

6) Todd Bertuzzi. 2 years/8 million. I swear he was only supposed to make 1.5 million plus incentives, I swear. Is Brian Burke a complete moron. 4 million a season, for 15 games last season. Big risk, low reward. he hasn't done shit since his 97 point campaign in 2002-03. He managed okay in the playoffs, but still, 4 million. Atleast it isn't for 5 seaons... Now Burke is bitching to Lowe over Penner. Well maybe if you hadn't wasted 4 million for a guy who is injury prone you'd have money left to resign him. I know they have to replace Teemu Selanne, if he retires, but come on. Bertuzzi. Go out and signed Nagy or someone for less and more reward.

7) Daniel Briere. 8 years/52 million. Atleast has a creative final two years worth only 5 million. Briere goes from a talented Buffalo team to a lesser Philly team. Okay, so Briere did have 95 points. But that was the first time he ever cracked 60 points. He had 60 one season in Phoenix. Briere had 58 points in 48 games for Buffalo, but having Vanek and Pommonville on your line doesn't hurt, and the fact that the Sabres score 20 goals per game. Briere will likely have 80 points. Not worth 6.5 cap hit. Now had Briere not accepted the final 2 year/5 million ending to the contract, he'd be number 2. I want to see more consistancy from him. And...Daniel...don't be the biggest pussy on ice. Also, Briere will be 37 when his deal expires. 6+ million cap hit for a declining 30 year old whose only skill is speed and being a pussy. Nice.

8) Kimmo Timonen. 6 years/38 million. Timonen is a nice defender, a perfect 1b guy. Why trade Joni once you got him? I don't really like 6.333 cap hit per season, and deflated due to a 3 million dollar final year. Chara's deal looks better now. Timonen has been a regular 40-50 point defenseman, but come on, he makes more then Chris Pronger. I like Timonen, but I doubt he will be worth the money. He will also be in his mid-late 30s during the deal, so his play is going to decline.

9) Danius Zubrus. 6 years/20.4 million. Who said Lou is a genius again? He may be a cap genius, but he is one of the worst GM's when it comes to free agent signings. It isn't the money that is bad. 3.4 per season is fair market value for Zubrus, in this crazy free agent market. He is 29 now, and will be 35 when the deal is done. He has scored 20 goals 2 times, never cracked 25. Has cracked 50 points...2 times. Usually averages only 30 points a season. I can get that for 1 million dollars. Bad deal for an underachiever. If you can't get it done with Ovechkin or in Buffalo, I don't know if he ever will.

10) Michael Nylander. 4 years/19.5 million. 4.85 per season. Fine for a 80 point center...but he is 34, and won't get much better. Will probably post the same numbers this season with Ovechkin rather than Jagr. I mean, Nylander is a good player, the money is a fine, but the length again is awful. Nylander is also injury prone throughout his career. If not for Jagr, he was a 60 point centerman. Again, the Caps need help, and they had to extend the length for Nylander for him. It was a nice signing, but in 2 years I think we will see the negative side to this deal.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I think a few GM's let the agents talk them into thinkin that with extra cap room, everyone's value is going to sky-rocket every year.

10:57 PM  
Blogger Latrappe said...

Gomez and Drury are good signing. No players can bring a cup by himself but it definitely add firepower, on the upfront, for the rangers. The Briere signing is not that bad. The overall cap hit is 6.5 and i think that's the right price for him.

Souray... Poor Oilers. I wonder when, during the season, they will ask for a refund. A D-man should know how to play defense, first. Sourau is -28 is 5 on 5 situation. If you substract what Souray give to the opponent to his points total, that's about 5.5 per for 36 points...

6:54 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Very good summary. Enjoyed the read.

8:29 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I have no problems with Gomez. He may not light up the board, but he is still pretty young, and he is a winner.

Drury, not so young, but this guy is the ultimate winner. Just pull up a profile on this guy and see what his teams have won. Some of that is chance, but it can't all be.

I don't think that Bertuzzi is all that bad a signing. If he was on top of his game where he was a few years ago, he'd be a 6-7 mil. guy. 4 mil. is a calculated risk, but not outright stupid.

Souray... that's just Edmonton looking to add that firepower that they were looking for upfront. I think they will regret that deal.

Otherwise, I am just really surprised at the very high bar that was set this year. It's like the NHL is deliberately and slowly trying to get right back where they were before the lockout year. They'll raise the cap every year until they price themselves right out of profitablility.

10:31 AM  
Anonymous jha said...

You may think Drury isn't worth that kind of money of the long haul of the season, I may agree as well. However, just get him in the playoffs. Drury is one of the most clutch playoff guys in the NHL, he seems to always step it up big when it matters. And that right there is invaluable.

11:15 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

anyone who gives aaron ward 2.75 million a year is on crack.

4:08 PM  
Blogger Latrappe said...

anyone who gives aaron ward 2.75 million a year is on crack.

And anyone who suggest that a GM will dumb enough to take this contract is probably on crack, either...

6:40 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hamrlik is a 3.5 mil. guy TOPS. 5.5 is ridiculous.

Zubrus getting 6 years - I'm not confident that he has shown that kind of stability in his career.

Nylander's deal seems like an awful long time. Will a 35-40 year old center be able to keep up with Ovechkin for the next 4 years? Or are they going to be paying him this kind of money for a 2nd or 3rd line center?

9:09 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

latrappe r u in favor of the mara for ward swap?

10:57 PM  

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