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Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Toivonen gone: Good deal or bad?

Ok Carl Soderberg. Who the $%@# is that? I know we were all hoping for Brad Boyes. Or atleast an NHL name for Toivonen.

I am a little shocked by this deal. I would have kept him for as long as I could until a team got horny for him and overpaid. Atleast try to get a 09 1st rounder for a chance at Tavares. Maybe package him to PHX for Jovanovski. I don't see anything in Soderberg. His numbers are decent, and he may well turn into a solid NHL player. But, say Soderberg develops into all his potential. Nice, we have a 50-60 point guy. In the new NHL, 400 guys get that. If Hannu rebounds, they have an all-star goalie.

But then again, Razor sucked in TO, so glad we dealt him. Can't wait for the headline. Rask dealt for Joe Shmoe in 3 years.

The only thing I am going to defend Chiarelli on is, he isn't the only one making the calls. They have scouts and assitant GM's for a reason. If enough people felt this deal sucked, it wouldn't have happened. Scouts must've been hot for this guy.


Blogger Rodrigues said...

I watched Toivonen in Providence and he would fall to his knees the second a skater would cross the blue line with the puck. It was noteworth that a great deal of the goals scored against him were high, which to me means that opposing players knew that he was leaving it wide open. I think he was broken mentally and this could be attributed to Boston needing him early in his career. I don't think that he is going to be a solid NHL goaltender so if we can get a player for him then thats great, I would have liked to package him up and get a bigger name but I'm not the GM.

12:21 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I agree that Toivo wasn't the goalie he could have been. He was amazing to watch in a physical sense, but he was thrown into a raging fire before he was well rehearsed in his techniques. It will take a few more years of coaching to get back to not going down instinctually because he always knows he's going to get shelled. I hate to say that we really damaged Toivo, and in the time it will take him to get back, we can have Rask ready.

Soderberg has put up point-per-game numbers in a low-scoring league, so if he can translate that to the NHL, it will turn out well.

8:00 AM  

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