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Monday, November 20, 2006

Panthers 11/20/06

The B's are lookin to extend their winning streak, tonight, as they face the Panthers. Here's the keys to win for tonight's game.

Keys to win:
- Keep shooting on the net.
- Good defensive execution.
- Production from the special teams.
- Discipline, discipline, discipline.
- Block shots; cut the passing lanes.

The B's were blown out on their last trip in Florida. I expect the team to put a solid effort in order to extend that winning streak.



Anonymous Joe Murphy said...

My prediction for what goes down tonight.....

top line plays well again scores a goal or two. BBS line looks shaky again but bergeron gets a PP goal. Kessels line flies and gets a goal, but lewis doesnt put them in in the 3rd again. primeau takes a penalty and then mowers,primeau and donovan play awful on the PK. But this line will def get more playign time than Kessels(dont ask me why). The D plays decent with the exception of mara who takes another penalty or two. another overtime game, but we lose in either OT or the shootout. Panthers 5-4

4:09 PM  
Blogger Latrappe said...

If the trend continue regarding Primeau and his tendancy to take bad penalties; Lewis will have to do something about it. There's a lots of youngs players in Providence who can play his role and who will be more then willing to give the extra stride to avoid the hooking call...

4:47 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Here's my prediction:

The B's come out flat again, confounding everyone with weak wimpy "hits" along the boards, sluglike skating, and poor decisions with the puck. Basically, they will look like a bunch of hung-over grannies out there.

They will snap out of it eventually, but by then the B's will be down by at least 3 goals.

They will spend the rest of the game playing well, catching up, but after a huge flurry at the end of the 3rd they end up one goal short.

Panthers: 4
Bruins: 3

B's goals by: Bergeron, Tenkrat, Chara

Thomas will be hung out to dry in the 1st. Look for attackers standing alone right in front of him unhindered and at least 2 one-timer goals. But he'll make a huge stop on a breakaway and nothing will get by him after that. There will be the usual disparate opinions about his performance, and the term "soft goal" will be used again by his detractors.

Hey--don't worry--I'm always wrong!

4:59 PM  

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