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Sunday, November 19, 2006


Here are some interesting Bruins stats of late.

In 2005-2006, the Bruins were 14-32 in 1 goal games.
In 2006-2007, the Bruins are 8-3 in 1 goal games.

All 8 of the Bruins wins have been decided by 1 goal.

3-4 wins have been in OT or SO.

The Bruins are 6-2-1 in the last 9 game and have collected 13 out of an 18 possible points.

The Bruins are over .500 for the first time this seaosn.

Maybe were not as bad as we thought. The steady schedule has seemed to help us pick things up.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Greg here, now with an official blogger id--

It's difficult to argue with the results of the last four games. But I do have some nagging concerns.

All the teams the B's have beaten are struggling right now.

The Bruins haven't scored enough goals to win regularly--you can't expect any goaltender to hold on to a 2.00 GPA for the entire season. I keep expecting them to break out and get a three goal lead, but it never happens.

Primeau really needs to take his game up a notch and stay out of the box.

I was really annoyed with the B's play midway through the third period against Toronto. They had the leafs beat, but instead of going for the jugular they let up. They went to sleep until the Leafs finally tied it. I'd like to see a killer instinct.

What worries me is that lack of a killer instinct and low scoring were hallmarks of last year's team, even when they were winning...

But I'll also say that I love the way this team dominates in the OT!

4:06 PM  
Blogger CaptBubba said...

I hear you Greg, but I think it's important to remember this team is, yet again, a mostly new squad, most of whom haven't even played a quarter season together. They've also been dealing with some pretty significant injuries (Stuart, Alberts and Sturm) and have been able to now get above .500 without what I would consider a stud, bona-fide #1 goalie.

I do want to say that a lot of the teams they have beaten lately were actually on small rolls when they faced the B's. The Leafs had won, I think 5 of 6 or something (without Sundin, mind you) when we beat them the other night. Ottawa and the Caps had been winning at a similar clip before we just beat them, so I think a little credit is due the Black 'n Gold.

BTW, how fun is the Kessel/Tenkrat/Chistov line to watch? They've played, what, 2? 3? games together? With a few weeks of games, their speed and energy is going to start giving teams fits.

5:06 PM  

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