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Friday, October 10, 2008

10/9/08 Boston @ Colorado: Recap


Kessel (1) from Bergeron (1) and Ference (1)
Wheeler (1) from Krejci (1) and Kobasew (1)
Savard (1) from Chara (1) and Bergeron (2)
Ryder (1) from Savard (1) and Axelsson (1)
Krejci (1) from Kobasew (2) and Lucic (1)

A interesting game, so good things, some bad.  I only watched the first period before going to bed, so my recap is limited.  The offense had 20 shots and scored 5 goals, which I take as a positive.  The young guys played well, Krejci, Kessel and Wheeler, all scoring goals.  The offense looked better.  Bergeron had a few chances which he could not finish, but it was his first game back.

The defense was awful.  They let Colorado walk in and a lot of turnovers.  Not a fluid game for them.  Thomas looked spastic at times, but he did face almost 40 shots.  Overall, it was a good game to win, especially since it was high scoring.  Expect the first month to be tough with a lot of home openers for other teams and them coming out with a lot of energy.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

The denfense was aweful yesterday and we didnt deserve the win. Thomas played very well! We need d help so we ahve to trade Savard for Bowmeester. Secondly, we also need to get rid of yelle and thornton and let guys like Nokie and Sobatka play. Just my opinion. If we play defense like that against montreal. The final score is Habs 9- bRuins2

Help Wanted--- DEFENSE

7:24 PM  
Blogger Mook said...

great game, very shaky on the back-end, but thomas is playing for starts. wheeler is off to a great start!

7:49 PM  
Anonymous bergie37 said...

hey anonymous why not make a name for yourself instead of making retarded propositions such as trading savvy for bouwmeester after one game...go root for the leafs or the hab nots and do us a favor iight

8:16 PM  
Anonymous Dub, qc said...

I guess I did not realize how valuable Savard is to this team. I would not trade him because 1. He is a great playmaker that is going to help Ryder to a 40+ goal year, and 2. He is a wonderful role model for guys like Wheeler, Kessel, Lucic, and Krejci. I am very impressed with the Bruins, the defense will pick up, I thought Wideman had a terrific game and I am looking forward to seeing the bruins go deep in the playoffs this season.

9:34 PM  
Blogger BruinsFan35 said...

Yes defense sucked, but that's going to be corrected..hopefully. We're not going to be able to put 5goals past Backstrom Sat. night so Manny and our defense better come to play. It would be nice to have a winning streak coming into the home opener in Boston to get some real excitement and buzz surrounding the B's for once.

p.s. Anybody that says Savy needs to be traded, needs to question how much they actually know about hockey.

10:43 PM  
Blogger BruinsFan35 said...

Just read on the Globe website that Kobasew is in a walking cast after taking a shot off the ankle. This really sucks I hope that he doesn't miss much time from this. I'm a big fan of Chuckie's, it seems when he touches the puck good things happen. Looks like Lucic will fill in for him on the 3rd line. Again I really hope this is nothing tooserious and he only misses a couple games.

12:25 AM  
Anonymous SaskatoonBruinsFan said...

I was at the game and it wasn't the defense as a whole that was bad. First the puck was bouncing and on end ALOT the whole game - it seemed a bit warm in there so maybe thats why. Second - Ward was out of position quite a bit that led to guys being open and scoring. Some of the penalties the Bruins had called on them were rightly called while others were crap - I only say this because Ryan Smyth got away with hooking people all night (usually Wideman who talked to the refs but to no avail). Plus the penalty Bergy took with less than 2 minutes left was just plain careless. On a positive note Wheeler was great as was Ryder. The line of Lucic, Thornton, and Yelle was fantastic all night long. Also of note it was great to see Tucker play like usual - CRAP!

1:35 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Kobasew finished the game, so maybe they are just giving him the day off to rest?

3:22 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...


11:45 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I was the first one that commented on this post and then called out if i am a true bruin fan don't go under anonymous. Then saying I dont know hockey if I suggest Savard for Bowmeester. WHATEVER. First this is a posting and this site gives news days later. Next I was the firts to say and predict when we wree in chatrooms, the Bruins will only go after Ryder. Not Hossa. I have been a Bruisn fan for now 25 years and know what makes a good team. This team has a lot of good young talent and poor defense. Savard is a great player but in order to get great players in return, you must give the same. I like Bergeron more than Savard. Thats why I think we trade Savrad. We then still ahve Bergeron, Kessel, Krecji, Nokie, and Sobatka as centers. Savard is good but not great. If we make a tarde for Bowmeester this would be out line-up.

Sturm- Bergeron - Ryder
Lucic- Kessel- Kobesaw
Wheeler- Krecji- Axellson
Sobathka- Nokelainean- Yelle

Chara- Wideman
Bowmeester- ward
Ference- Stuart

A sick line- up with all young guys wanting more. What do u think.

11:58 AM  
Anonymous bergie37 said...

bouwmeester is overrated...we need offense more...the defense is gonna settle in it was one frickin game...were not gonna trade savard so get it thru your head man especially not after 1 game...what happens when we have a game where we give up 10 goals? we gonna throw in bergie with savard for phaneuf? gimee a break you dont trade the most affordable contract in the NHL for a defenseman that hasnt proved anything in this league

12:13 PM  
Blogger Mook said...

savard for bouwmeester? then bouwmeester with ward? you are an idiot. period. what's your name...paul maurice?

2:55 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Bowmeester is a loser. Wideman is better then him. He is overated, does not even have over 30 points and he's not even worth one of our 3rd line player's. No team of mine is giving up Kessel, Savard, Kreji, Berg, sturm, wideman, Wheels. I would give them a 2nd &
3rd round pick and a Lashoff. No more, that's pushing it too.

12:56 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I still think getting another Defenceman is smart but we better not be giving up alot for Bowmeester. I like the fact that he's young and big. I don't understand why he's paid so much with the crappy number's he puts up. I'd take him in for the right deal. He would learn our system and I'd give him 3 million for his first year $4 his second $5 his third and then $5 mill for the next 3 year on a 7 year term. If your going to be on my team , you better make a difference.

1:05 AM  

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