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Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Murray on waivers

The Bruins placed Glen Murray on waivers today, and he will be bought out unless claimed.  Sad for Murray, but he was done.  If his salary was not 4.15 million, we may have kept him since he has had off seasons in his career.  But, we will trim 2.7666 million off the books, moving us below the cap, and will carry a cap hit of 1.383 million over 2 seasons.  I hate how he carries into next year, but it had to be done.  I thought Murray would be moved to LA, but it did not happen.  Sucks to see a guy fall off like that, but it is a business.  Thanks Glen.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Muzz was a true Bruin, but thats what happens when you get older, and new young guys hunt for your job. I hope we don't mock Muzz because he was a good bruin all along. Good Luck where ever he goes. I still think he can produce 20 goasl but needs to stay healthy!

2:36 PM  
Blogger BruinsFan35 said...

It's about time. Muzz should have been bought out last year he's all done. I feel bad for the fans of the sucker team that picks him up.

I've read all over about people crying that Manny should have been bought out and not Murray. People who believe that are idiots. There is still hope that Manny can be a solid goaltender. All reports say his knee is feeling great and he is in good shape, with all intentions to continue to train to be in even better shape and get back to being a great goaltender.

Murray's washed up. He can't skate, can't shoot anymore, he's injury prone and he has only scored 30 goals 3 times in his career. He will never have a "Healthy" season again.

2:44 PM  
Anonymous mook77 said...

Too bad we overspent on Wideman. We could have some more room under the cap for a rainy day!

3:21 PM  
Anonymous bergie37 said...

muzz...enjoy retirement my put in a decade of solid hockey...get some rest and enjoy life while youre still under 40...ill always remember that game against tampa when he got high sticked and the blood was pouring down his face as he scored the winning goal

3:48 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

LETS ALL HAVE A MOMENT OF muzz your a bruin...not a great but a bruin at that did ur best and never gave up or complained...hopefully someone picks up ur sorry ass ...u sack of shit....u bum...oh did i say that...woops...bye we wont miss you

4:41 PM  
Blogger Mathew said...

It would be nice if they had the ability to re-negotiate his contract. I can see him being a role player on this team, and he could come in handy on PP2.

4:58 PM  
Blogger Jefe77 said...

I agree Mathew, that would be nice.

Bruinsfan35, so your saying that Manny has had more than 3 "good" seasons? You are right, he has only 3 30 goal seasons, what about the 29 goals twice, and 28 goals last season? Thats pretty much 6 30 goal seasons,...

Check your stats, Manny's one "good" year included his ONLY 30 win season, and that came the same year he CHOKED in the playoffs, only to watch Roloson take the Wild to the Conf. finals. Do you realize how old Manny is, 34 yrs old with only 1 30 win season? Thats ASS.

Yay. Manny's knee feels better. Or so he says. Isnt that what that lying sack of shit said last year, before going into camp? Yes, it is.

Is amazing some of you would kick Murray to the curb so quick and hard after all he has done, yet, you LOVE Manny Fernandez who has done WHAT for the Bruins?

Guess who will be in goal, and winning more than 2 games next season for Boston?

Tim Thomas.

5:42 PM  
Anonymous jimmy50 said...

I don't think fans now like Manny over Murray except Murray is done and we desperately need Manny to perform well between the pipes, starter or back-up. I know with Kobasew and Ryder we don't need Murrray!

Good Luck Glen!

7:03 PM  
Blogger BruinsFan35 said...

All I'm saying is that Manny is more valuable to the Bruins than Glen Murray is. Rask needs to stay in Providence to develope and a healthy Manny Fernandez (Career -2.49GAA .912 SV%) is a nice back up for Timmy this year.

Manny 33 years old
Timmy 34 years old

We already have a replacement for Murray. If you missed is we signed Ryder a couple weeks ago. FYI I never liked Murray, I think he was very overrated and without a gifted passer to dish him the puck he is useless. So do you suggest the B's bring him back and put him on the 1st line with Savard?

so yea I think the B's need Fernandez more than they need Murray. dick

8:39 PM  
Anonymous monty said...

i wanted the bruins to put murray on the first line with savard and ryder, murray would score at least twenty if he was always the open man, which he would be, and for the people who dont beleave that you can have two righty wingers on one line, your wrong, when you enter the zone send savard to the lefthalf wall put murray in front of the net and ryder behind it or put ryder on the other center circle.
murray was a bruin, that tampa game screams bruins, hopefully they will offer a job to him within the organization. or give him a spot with nesn

9:07 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I've watched Glen Murray play and it was the ugliest sight to behold. He could keep up and was more of a detriment to the team while on the ice. I don't feel bad for him being put on waivers and I know he doesn't care because he has already made plenty of money throughout his career. He could care less whether he plays or not.

4:04 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Listening to half of this bullshit by bruins fans saying Murrays a bum. This guy was one of the most under rated scores around the NHL. WHO said he cant shoot? hes 35 not 60 this guy is still a sniper he just needs new legs so he wont be injured so much. Im not saying hes worth 4 mil. but I would sent him to the minors cause when Manny goes down you can call him up. He would clear waivers again with that salary. Fallse Ont.

12:27 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Murray, Savard AND Ryder on the same line? You're joking, right? That would be the most pathetic display on the defensive side of the puck in the entire NHL. Think for a second.

New legs for Murray? Yeah, and if Joe Thornton wasn't scared of pressure situations then he would have helped us win a playoff series. Grow up. Murray is done and Chiarelli is finally cleaning up the horrible mess that O'Connell left after the strike.

Chiarelli is doing a fantastic job with this team right now. Hands down.

2:51 PM  

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