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Wednesday, March 26, 2008

I Stand Corrected

Perhaps all it takes is venting your frustrations to get this team going? If so, I'm going to write the most horrible and insensitive post come Thursday afternoon so the B's lay a 10-0 route on the Leafs at home. But in all seriousness, I couldn't believe the way the B's looked last night. They were a completely different team, all without Savvy.

They got in front of the net for the tough chances, see Krejci's goal. They were able to convert on power play chances with a beautiful cross ice pass to Sturm. And they were able to play shut down D on a team that was facing a must win to keep up in the playoff hunt.

The magical theme here that will continue to follow this team with six games remaining, is if they can carry this over to the next day/game. Show me that you can do this again come Thursday when you face the same team. Show me you're willing to pay the price like Chuck Kobasew did last night to give yourself the opportunity to punch in rebounds.

Washington and Philly both won last night so the race basically stays the same with Philly in 7th, Boston in 8th, and Washington in 9th. Nipping at the heels are the Pathers who still have a very real shot.

Prove to me you belong.

Note to Jefe:
I'd be happy to go up to Cam Neely and tell him my thoughts about the Bruins. One, the guy's my hero so I would love to meet him. And two, he'd probably agree with me because this team has been nothing short of dreadful for over a decade. He'd agree with me and be one of the first to admit it. What's he going to do, pull my shirt over my head and break my nose? If anything, you're the one not seeing things right here. I realize that this team has serious issues and concerns, yet I'm still here writing aren't I (actually, I'm the only one writing here but that's another story)? Don't ever try and question my dedication to this team, pal.


Anonymous Mook said...

The bruins won because I was at the game last night. Great effort...but I'm kinda worried about Kobasew now. Gees...

Hey I know what we could do...let's bandwagon for a team who has already clinched a spot and be really loud and obnoxious about it! I dunno, maybe Detroit. They aren't favoured to win are they? No...really? Wow, I better start being an asshole loser about it. I'd better take names and then shout them towards the sky when the team i (conveniently now am a fan of) wins. Hooray!

P.S.: Wings fans are boners...sorry.

8:58 AM  
Anonymous David said...

How good did Krecji look last night, it was nice to see production from Sturm and Murray and Lashoff put some good points up. Do it again Thursday.

9:51 AM  
Anonymous Mook said...

We need 9 points to clinch. Washington has such an easy schedule until the end...

10:12 AM  
Blogger Jefe said...

JHA, maybe your concious is a little guilty here; did I ever question your dedication? Dont think so, but people I did call out are the ones who have no desire to watch a team grow. The ones who have to bitch after EVERY loss.

The ones who dont really watch, the same ones who skewered Tim Thomas ALL last off-season. I know that (maybe even you JHA) a handfull of the writers here had written off Thomas COMPLETELY. Ripped him apart if I remember correctly.

There are too many sports wannabes in New England, and as a Bruins fan, I dont want them, so JHA, please, if you are a real fan than just keep writing.

Sorry if I dont like people who bitch without assesing the means. I dont like fans who think they know our players but rip on them like PJ. (Anyone who rips on PJ is immedietely questioned as a perp)

Like Mook said; (my favorite fan here), all you fairweather fans go pick another team. Go scream and shout when that team wins. Guess who I'll be pulling for? The same team I have watched almost every game every year since 1984. The Bruins.

Here are a couple of teams that all you fairweather fans should go pull for;

1. Red Wings. No brainer for all you tools. I see Mass residents wearing wings jerseys and I want to throw them in the Charles.

2. Sharks; hey all your favorite player you CANT get over is there. Fuck Marc Savard right? That guys sucks!

JHA you may have been writing more recently (not until the trade deadline approached did I see your posts start showing up regularly), you all left Matt hung out to dry for a while. Maybe you were helping with the sidebar, but where was your insight on games so many times this season?

1:22 PM  
Anonymous seabass said...

we are all visiting this site for one reason: we are bruins fans. we are the few that want out team to restore our city to the hockey town it once was.

no one likes fair weather fans, but i think it would be hard to be a fair weather fan of a team thats struggling to make the playoffs right now.

like JHA said, the bruins have been a bad franchise for over a decade...the people who still tune in and watch the games are keeping the faith (if there is any) still alive. fair weather fans wouldnt have the time or knowledge to find and post on a site like this.

jha, thanks for keeping this blog alive right now. jefe, i see where you are coming from 100% too.

lets just focus on giving our b's the support they need as they make one final push.

1:40 PM  
Anonymous mook said...

so is kobasew injured or what?!?!

2:48 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Greetings from Michigan, I am the one who has been making the comments on the way the team has been hanging in there. the have been up and down all year, and its hard sometime to cheer for a team like that. I have been a bruins fan for 40 years, you have to take the bad with the good!! as I predicted 5 and 2 in the last 7 games. GO B's

5:13 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

kick his ass sea bass...

12:10 PM  

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