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Saturday, February 16, 2008

Rob Blake

Look for Rob Blake to be traded out of LA. The reports I have been hearing (FSN Detroit) have him rumored to be a Red Wing. This would be a good move for both Blake and the Wings. Blake is at the back end of a good career and I am sure he wants one more crack at the Cup. The Red Wings lost thier past two games and Osgood got pulled in both games for the Umaine alum Jimmy Howard. Only one goal last night was Osgoods fault. The Wings are missing Brian Rafalski back on the blue line and another defensmen. Not to mention Hasek is out. Look for the Wings to deal for a top 4 d-man and a top 6 forward with Dan Cleary out with 2 broken bones in his jaw.

Speaking of Detroit Sergei Federov who began his career thier was quoted in saying he would like to go back to Detroit. However, don't look for that deal to happen unless Columbus doesn't win a game until the dealine. Highly unlikely Columbus will be looking to unload Adam Foote either. Look for them to add pieces this year.

With the success of the out door game in Buffalo, rumors are flying about the Chicago Blackhawks might be looking to play at Soilders Field.

Maple Leafs are hearing offers for several players including; Mats Sundin, Darcy Tucker,and Jason Blake. Tucker has a no trade clause and Blake just signed a huge contract this past offseason. I see Sundin the easiest to deal, although he is their captian. If the right deal comes along look for Sundin to be gone.

The NY Islanders may also be looking to unload some guys including Mike Comire, Trent Hunter, and Mirisolav Satan. I see Satan and Comire getting delete. Comire brings expirence in the Cup as he was with the Sens last year in the finals. Satan brings a guy who can score, but isn't great in the D-Zone.

Sources: FSN Detroit, Thefourthperiod, and Yahoo Sports


Anonymous Anonymous said...

From what i heard Blake is to remain a king and Bochenski was put on waivers by the ducks

3:53 PM  

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