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Friday, February 15, 2008

Injury Update

From today, Bergeron said he thinks he could return, but is just starting to get into more intense conditioning and rehab programs.

My take: I don't see him coming back unless it is at the very end of the season. It really sucks Bergy has been out so long, but I think it is unfair to expect him to return. Even if he comes back, who knows how long it would be for. See Simon Gagne.

Aaron Ward is returning to Boston today after his throat injury from Sergei Gonchar.

It wasn't a serious injury and he should be able to play soon.

Andrew Alberts does not have post-concussion syndrome, but a neck injury that causes headaches. He is doing physical therapy and should be returning in 2-3 weeks.

Chuck Kobasew is returning soon after a minor back injury.


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