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Monday, January 14, 2008

Trade Market Beginning To Shape Up

With the halfway point of the season come and gone, the Eastern and Western Conference playoff picture is beginning to take shape. With that said, rumors are starting to build regarding which teams are looking for help and those that are willing to sell. The trade deadline isn't until the end of Februrary, and there will certainly be more teams falling into their respective places within their conferences. However, lets take a "right now" look at the buyers/sellers and who is currently available.
  • Teams ready to sell:
Toronto Maple Leafs - This team has gone into shambles after a horrible West Coast swing. Rumors have been flying rampant all season regarding the trading of players (see more below) as well as shaking up the front office. Fully expect this team to make some moves by trading away talent for future help.

Buffalo Sabres - What a difference a year can make and the loss of two key free agents. Even though they are close to the 8th playoff spot, they are clearly a team who just doesn't have enough to get it done. Expect them to hold out hope but in the end sell some players at the deadline.

Los Angeles Kings - Overall, a young team mixed with a couple of veterans that just isn't talented enough to manage any success. Young, inexperienced goaltending has also hurt the squad. They are sellers now and will be at the deadline.

Tampa Bay Lightning - Without any help between the pipes, this team is lost. The big question that looms large is if any of the "Big Three" will get traded. Between Martin St. Louis, Vinny Lecavalier, and Brad Richards, someone will probably go. It doesn't take a rocket scientists to think that the team would most likely keep Lecavalier as their untouchable.
  • Players On The Block

Mats Sundin - A quality veteran player that has been rumored to be traded for quite some time now. Sundin has proven for a long time now that he can put the puck in the net and is a solid #1 or #2 center. This guy is going to get traded, it's just a matter of where. Detroit has been mentioned as one suitor.

Rob Blake - Solid veteran blueliner with tons of experience, especially during playoff time. Blake's days as a #1 defenseman have passed, but would still provide any contender with plenty of experience and help.

Mathieu Schneider - Rumor has it the Bruins have not given up on their search for more defense, but is Schneider really the answer? At 38 years old and a large contract, he would command a significant portion of the B's cap space. Also, Chiarelli would have to give up a lot in return. Rumor has is Phil Kessel's name has been thrown out there (for God's sake, DO NOT trade this guy).

Marion Hossa - I don't expect this guy to be going anywhere as long as the Thrashers are in the thick of an 8th playoff spot bid. This guy is too talented for Atlanta to let him go.

This is just a short list of what is currently out there as possible moves for the Bruins to make. Obviously this will get much larger once the deadline gets closer and teams look to write off their season and look to the future. The Bruins will certainly make more moves to improve this club. In my opinion, they still need the scoring forward, however, they must not sacrifice Phil Kessel for this. He is going to be a contributor to this team and his move to the 1st line shows this. It looks like Kessel is finally starting to understand that being a productive player means playing both ways. To give up on him now would be a huge mistake on Chiarelli's part.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

if we don't trade Kessel, what else do we have to give up? Slow as %$&% Murray? Inconsistent Sturm? If I were any GM calling the B's, I'd want Kessel, Bergy or Rask. (assuming Savard is untouchable).

The B's traded their only other chip last year (Boyes).

I agree to not trade Kessel if it's for a 38 year defenseman or an unproven Wideman-type player. (who is luckily playing better).

Kessel/Thomas for a top scoring Forward? (Richards or St. Louis - Tampa) Then start Auld with Rask as the backup. Or just hope and pray this year and do not take on any new (terrible) contracts. Buyout Fernandez next year too?

2:18 PM  
Blogger Federko said...

Bruins should NOT trade anyone on their current roster and (IMHO) should hold out until the 11th hour for a top scoring winger they can get for draft picks or prospects.

Let's be realistic here.. this team is not going to win the cup this year and should not be unloading anyone who is going to contribute in the next few years when their chances are much better. If they make the playoffs this year I will be happy as long as they don't sell the farm just to get there.

They will be able to add more depth during the FA market this summer also.

3:54 PM  
Blogger Federko said...

On s non-trade note, Pasquel Pelletier (PBs) is leading the AHL in goals (24), fourth in points and a +17. Why isn't this kid up playing on the parent club especially now that Axelson is hurting?

4:19 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I think dumping Thomas would be a bad idea, we know he can do the job. Auld still gets me, I still see him as a lifetime backup. It would be a mistake to dump Phil Kessel, there is no one on the market that I would be willing to give him up for.

5:32 PM  
Anonymous xpunkrockelvisx said...

I am not an advocate of a trade right now. Unless we sell an older player for a younger one, this team is not a good match for a trade. We are building a core and we should not be trading young talent. If anyone is on the block, he should be over 30 years old or someone that we just don't like. You don't build by trading young talent, so I say that Kessel stays.

7:25 PM  
Anonymous big-e said...

If you believe that the scar the franchise has made by the Joe trade, Chia would not even dare touch Bergy or Kessel. But everyone knows you have to give up something to get something. So it's either draft picks, young players who might turn out great or veterans who can contribute to a contender. If Muzz is to be traded it would be to a contender and you would not get much in return. Think that the team wants to add for their cup run, not remove. If the team is selling, TB or LA, then you have to give future for their present. You want Blake? Then they'll want Lashoff and Stuart or Alberts. Then you must consider, will Blake stay in Boston? If not, you lost 2 young defencemen for nothing. Then you consider that no trades would happen to the battling teams. I don't see Atlants shipping Hossa to Boston when the two teams are battling for a playoff spot. All I know is that I am not the GM and in hockey, everyone is a coach, everyone is a GM and ever fan in attendance is a referee. I agree that we are not cup contenders, but we can certainly complete (aside from not being able to do anything against the Habs). Once the playoffs start who knows - a strong season finish, a first round upset to build your confidence and this team can go deep on great goaltending, solid D and smart hockey. If I was Chia, I would start locking on some players for a few years, Ward under $2M for two more years, Axelsson for 3 more, Thomas for 1 or 2 after next and Metro for 1-2 more years. This makes the players more moveable, because a team can easily say I can get Ward for 3 years, not 3 months. And with a Defenceman, we don't need a big name, we need a smart guy who can start the play from our end and move it out. Schneider is good, because even at 38 he's still playing good hockey - and a lot of teams will turn away because he's 38. Muzz for Schneider - hmmm. Muzz and Selanne? Muzz on the West coast? Makes almost sense to me even though I like Muzz.

11:50 AM  
Anonymous jeff said...

trade alberts and a pick to buffalo for brian campbell.Trade murray to either pittsburg for armstrong or to ottawa for redden and give them back schaefer

12:37 PM  
Blogger Federko said...

I like the first trade for Campbell, but only if the B's can resign him - does it make an ounce of sense. He is looking for $5mil/year for 5 yrs. They would then HAVE to dump some salary in the off season otherwise they would not be able to afford him, providing of course they can sign him in the first place.

Murray will end up oh the West coast for a bag of pucks. I like him but he really has no trade value.

1:25 PM  
Anonymous jeff said...

i was jk about redden. If we could get campbell and resign that would be great. I heard rumors about ward in connection with buffalo maybe we give them ward,alberts and maybe a pick for campbell and kotalik

2:14 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

jeff...alberts and a pick for campbell..what fantasy world are you living in?

2:22 PM  
Blogger Federko said...

I like your second trade even better! But in the same devision during the season? I would be shocked if that happens..

2:56 PM  
Anonymous jeff said...

anonymous shut up and who cares just putting shit out there. I wish i could do something about it so get off my shit

3:22 PM  
Blogger McKeon said...

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6:05 PM  
Blogger McKeon said...

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6:07 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

you realize all the people on this board call people out just to get on their nerves...and sad thing works

6:17 PM  

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