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Friday, January 11, 2008

Scrum at Practice

During drills today, Zdeno Chara high-sticked forward Jeremy Reich, sparking a slight altercation. The two had a slight fist fight and had to be separated by teammates. "It's all good,'' Chara said. "We're friends. It was just a tough practice; sometimes things like that happen." Reich did not comment on the altercation.

Not sure what to think of this. It says something when someone takes a run at the "Captain". A highstick is very common in the NHL, which means it was either intentional or Chara does not have the respect of his fellow teammates. Not the best time for something like this to be taking place.


Anonymous xpunkrockelvisx said...

I like the fire. It shows that everyone is frustrated right now, and rightly so. Personally, I've found that on teams that I've played on sometimes the team plays better when the players hate each other. As long as you hold a mutual respect and trust for each other, that competitive edge and occasional scrap might be a good sign.... or it might mean that Reich will be in Providence soon - I hope not.

12:14 PM  

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