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Monday, January 28, 2008

Selanne signs with Anaheim; Flaw in CBA

Selanne just resigned with the Anaheim Ducks for 1 year and 600,000.

This is a huge flaw in the CBA which needs to be addressed. It is complete BS. Now, teams with older UFA's or high priced veterans can either wait and resign the player mid way through the season for cheap money, or they can "suspend" a player for half the season until he decides to come back. Between Selanne and Niedermayer, that is what happened.

What is going to forbid other UFA's from doing this? Or to teams with high priced defenders.

This is unfair to all the other NHL teams, and I am not saying this because if the Bruins had done it, I would understand why it is unfair.

My solution, a cutoff date. Period. On November 31st, if you are either suspended indefinately, or not signed, you may not play in the NHL. This makes if fair. Teams could just load up on cheap talent late in the season otherwise.


Anonymous big-e said...

I was thinking of what happened to the CBA rule that said if you are not playnig ni the NHL by December 1st, you'll never play in the NHL for that season. Was that only for hold out players? I really don't like this one but. It starts with Neidermeyer coming back (and to all our surprise gets an all star nod after playing for two weeks) - now Selanne. Forsberg is sitting at home choosing the team he wants to join. This is ridiculous. Why doesn't every star stay home and then sign on in February, win a cup and raise it with pride. The small guys and less sexy names got your team to the playoffs, you just shove them over? I really hope Boston does not do any of this. Imagine they push and push and then they sign someone like Forsberg and then Julien would say ok (Kessel, Noka, Sobotka or Lucic) take a seat, we have Forsberg now. It shows no team play and shows a flaw in the salary cap. The hit is only thousands, not millions. So you can start the year without Chara and Savard, if the team does well enough to stay in the hunt - sign them for a couple of hundred thousand and that should make the team better. As well, this is not because if the Bruins did it - it would be okay - no, it's not okay. You play the year, you play the season, you play as a team. Imagine if Bergeron says he's fit to come back, and Chia says hey - stay home, and if we need you we'll sign you on Feb 27 for one month and a half of salary. If you're not signed by December 1st - you never sign and the salary cap is based on yearly salaries, not price adjusted for the remainder of the season (except where trades or waivers are involved). I hope Anaheim gets eliminated in the first round. Getzlaf has been great in Anaheim, but they will cheer Selanne. And you wonder why the NHL is not being taken seriously? LETS BEAT THEM PREDS! And Murray is gone for the season, Chia should put him on waivers and focus on getting a replacement.

7:44 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

enough big e

12:06 PM  
Anonymous what happened? said...

This site used to be so cool. what happened? I think it is time to assign some different writers Matt...last time Walshie, Ryan W, and Scotianuck wrote we were worried about Y2k.

2:00 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Please note:

November only has 30 days:

There is no such date as November 31st

6:21 PM  
Anonymous xpunkrockelvisx said...

that must be another loophole in the CBA

10:41 PM  

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