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Saturday, November 03, 2007

Bruins Top Buffalo in OT

Buffalo-3 OT

The Bruins got off a very important win, starting a stretch of 9 consecutive division games. The Bruins started off nice, with goals by Metropolit and Kessel. The Sabres came back to tie the game up early in the 3rd period, but the Bruins responded quickly when Marc Savard scored in a 2 on 1 with Aaron Ward. Buffalo scored again, and sent the game into OT. With just under a minute left, Metropolit held the puck by the boards, made some nifty moves to create space and made an aerial pass to Aaron Ward at the point, who just gave a hack at it and made a chip shot on it. Marco Sturm hacked it in the air and it fooled Ryan Miller, and the shot beat him stick side for the win.

It was nice to see the Bruins not blow a 2 goal lead and be able to score when they did give up the lead. But it was disappointing to see them blow that 2 goal lead.

Phil Kessel was once again a beast, netting 8 shots on goal. Metropolit filled in nicely for the injured Bergeron. The team stepped up nicely and as a whole and came out with a team victory. Zdeno Chara, for the 2nd game in a row, had trouble settling a puck at the blue line which led to a breakaway. This time though, Thomas made the save.


Metropolit (2) from Savard (10) and Schaefer (5)
Kessel (6) from Sturm (3)
Savard (2) from Murray (4) and Ward (2)
Sturm (5) from Ward (3) and Metropolit (2)

Afinogenov (3) from Vanek (5) and Gaustad (2)
Campbell (2) from Kotalik (4) and Spacek (3)
Gaustad (4) from Spacek (4) and Kotalik (5)

3 Stars:
1. Marc Savard
2. Marco Sturm
3. Glen Metropolit


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