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Monday, August 06, 2007

Most Overrated GM: Lou Lamoriello, K Lowe, or Brian Burke?

I hate them all, not personally, but I hate listening to people praise them like jesus.

Lou Lamoriell0...Hmm...what has he done? First off, he won a few cups. Nice, but Martin Broduer. Take him away and NJ sucks. Yeah he has the trap, but Martin. Acquisition wise, he hasn't done so well. He resigned Jamie Langenbrunner and Patrick Elias when it seemed they were going to sign elsewhere. Nice job, but Elias isn't worth 7+ million for the next 7 seasons. Elias is a overrated Devil, like Scott Gomez. Having John Madden making 3+ million...ouch. He had dead salary in McGillis, Malakhov, and Mogiliny. It was complete BS he got out of that salary. Lou has yet to make any resemblence of a good FA signing, his trades, well, none have been blockbuster. O yeah...he let Brian Rafalski, Scott Niedermayer and Scott Gomez leave...seems like he is improving his team. And he fires coaches 3 days before the playoffs...Ftorek and Julien.

Kevin Lowe...I already had my speech on him. Acquires Pronger. Great deal...gets to the finals. Then screws up. Pronger wants out...he has a affordable contract...tell him to stfu and play for us. But...if your going to trade his ass...DON'T TRADE HIM TO YOUR OWN CONFERENCE!!! Especially Anaheim where you know they'll be good with Nieds and him. Complete tard. He doesn't even get a franchise name back. He also lost out Ryan Smyth because he was being cheap over 500k. Now he is begging for sexy names and Smyth is in Colorado. But, since needing big names...he acquires Joni Pitkanen in a here is what we got for Pronger trade. Then overpays for Sheldon "hot wife" Souray who couldn't suck enough in his own end. While I am at it...I'll screw Buffalo over. Then I'll try and screw back Brian Burke by taking Dustin Penner to an offer sheet, which he gives up 1, 2, 3 round picks. But! Since EDM sucks...John Tavares to Anaheim possibly with that 1 pick? That leads us to...

Brian Burke...Mostly successful due to luck..with retarded GMs. Sergei Federov...the aging superstar sucked in Anaheim. He as getting paid 6+ million a season. Horrid cap charge for 50 points. But some turd in Columbus would take him off Burke's hand for Todd Marchant and change. So Burke ridded himself of Fedorov...lucky. Then Scott Niedermayer. Well, he only signed in Anaheim because of Rob his bro was playing there, that is it. No skill for Burke. Then Teemu Selanne. He was all "washed up" Burke only signed him to a 1 year 1 million dollar deal because Selanne was a Duck for life, and he wanted to give him a shot. It worked out...but again, lucky. Chris Pronger...because Joeffry Lupol came off a good year and Kevin Lowe was snorting coke the previous day. Which leads us to this offseason. Hey Todd Bertuzzi, you played 15 games last season...your suppsed to make 1.5+ is 2 years 8 million. SHIT KEVIN LOWE JUST GAVE PENNER 4.5 for 5 years. Well...if you hadn't wasted your money elsewhere you could have kept them. And give Mathieu Schneider 2 years and 5.5+ per. We need more D?

Who is the most overrated..I am to angry to answer this after writing decide.


Blogger Stephen said...

they have drafted well, not sure their scouts don't deserve that credit though

1:17 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

AT LEAST THE DEVILS KEEP WINNING! What has the Bruins done in the last 10-15 years? NOTHING! HAHA! BOSTON SUCKS!!

1:39 PM  
Anonymous BosBrn77 said...

See what I was talking about Jeff!! Another moron who is on the computer after school while his mommy and daddy are still at work! Most likely a Leaf or Habs fan! Which brings me to the question... what have either of those teams actually done in the past 10-15 years!! LOL

Unfortunately there is no way to keep ignorant kids, like this anonymous retard, off the site. So we laugh it off, and wait for someone with some real insight.... not to mention the balls to post a name!!

4:45 PM  
Blogger Latrappe said...

This comment has been removed by the author.

5:47 PM  
Blogger Latrappe said...

Lamoriello overrated? Maybe a little bit but i think that Lamoriello is suffering from an EGO who make him think that he knows better then anyone else. His last post-season result was less then impressive. Burke is a good GM and a schrewed negociator even if he napped on the switch in the Penner case. He's a huge asset for Anaheim, IMO.

5:48 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

True measure of a GM? Success. All three of these guys has seen a Stanley Cup series in very recent memory. Being a GM may not always mean making good moves on paper, but also knowing who is and isn't a quality person to have in the organization within the ranks, down in the minors, scouting, or in Europe. Lou Lamoriello has made some deals that look downright idiotic on paper, but he currently presides over the most successful franchise in hockey over the last dozen years.

As for the other two... ever hear of rebuilding after a successful year? Give them some time.

8:02 PM  
Blogger Demetris said...

I like how you call gomez an overrated devil, then criticize lamoriello for letting him go... solid argument. And the fact that NJ never has a good spot in the draft and still drafts well has to be some kind of credit. If only the bruins could start doing that. But you're totally right about Lowe, he was one game away from the cup, and let his team fall apart.

12:14 AM  
Anonymous jha said...

What's the point of posting anonymously anyway? It's not like we're going to try and hunt you down if you post something negative or criticize someone for their comments.

Step up and take ownership for your feelings! Even if they rip on the Bruins, right Jeff?

3:10 PM  
Anonymous oops said...

the point of posting anonymously is that when you are too stupid to post with a name, it's easy to post anonymously.

3:36 PM  
Blogger Mathew said...

It's really hard to compare three different men in three different markets and make a fair judgement about who is the worst.

Brian Burke just led a team to the Stanley Cup. A team who surprised many by reaching the conference final against Edmonton and has been great ever since.

If we think about it, though, the teams that have been doing well over the past 10 years, aside from Detroit, are mainly newly expanded or relocated, which brings me to believe that having less pressure to perform and more time to let a team build gives a team a fresh start and it is easier for them to obtain success.

Some teams don't even begin with a fan base and when they start playing well, it can only be viewed as positive when a team starts doing well. Whether or not their GM is good, the driving fact behind the success of a team is a good draft, and subsequently, when a team starts playing better, every player wants to get on the band wagon. Who wanted to play in Pittsburgh before the lockout? And I wouldn't necessary classify Ray Shero as a good GM, but his team is going to do annoyingly well over the next decade or so. Should he take credit for it? Not likely. I think credit should be given where it is due, and from what I can tell it is all just a crap shoot anyway.

10:36 PM  
Anonymous jha said...

Side note... I thought you guys would be all over the Zach Hamill signing, any thoughts?

My impressions - Certainly will not make the big club out of the gate like Kessell did. I'm still somewhat confused why they drafted Hamill in the first place when there were guys like Esposito still on the board. Afterall, we needed a talented goal scorer.

7:50 AM  
Anonymous xpunkrockelvisx said...

The pressure thing is a good point. I think these start-up teams have very little scrutiny over their GMs and other personnel. Not only is there less pressure to make "sexy" moves in these places, but there is generally more time for a GM to work before he gets boo-ed out of town.

7:51 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

yup boston has sucked in the recent past but now the devils are gonna suck! big time hahahaha
elias will get hurt (as always)
zach pairse will be there only legitimate scoring forward,
the defense isnt what it used to be, not even close.
only marty holding them together and he is getting old and will look even older in front of a shabby defense. who’s laughing now
not lucky lou that’s for sure
see you soon punk.

6:06 PM  

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