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Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Don't give the Rangers the cup yet

Money cannot buy a championship, excluding the Avs and Red Wings. Those two teams used their money to take in veteran players and put them in a place where chemistry already existed. They also drafted their players and resigned them to big deals.

Unlike the New York Rangers. Before the lockout, they had names like Lindros, Bure, Mironov, Fleury, York, Leetch, Nedved, Dvorak, Malakhov, Messier, Berard, Barnaby, Poti, Richter, Holik, Kovalev, Samuelsson, Kasparaitis, Carter, Jagr, Dunham. And don't forget, these players were in their prime at the time. All those players were on the Rangers in 2 seasons. It was like allstars on ice. An 80 million dollar payroll, and guess what, they won nada.

This years team is sort of the same. Drury, Gomez, Jagr, Shanahan, Lundqvist, Prucha, Mara. Granted, Lundqvist was drafted, Mara via trade. Now, they have good players. Prucha and Jagr play well together, Shanahan still has it. It is the 2 big free agent signings that overhype the team.

Drury is an okay centre. He played on an offensive Buffalo team which made him sexy. He is a 60-80 point man. Gomez is another sexy name, but again is a 60 point man and has scored 20 goals once. I know people pull out the BS line, "well they won a cup" Well, so did Aaron Ward, want to go give him 7 million bucks. So did Shawn Thornton. Leadership and experience are important, but when you have 2 60 point centerman and think...WOW THAT PUTS THEM OVER THE TOP, then something is wrong. They are good players, but not superstars. Bergeron is better than Drury, Savard is better than Gomez, we have them for the price of one. Do the Bruins get any credit? No. Murray could easily be as good as Shanahan if healthy. Jagr is a superstar, so that may give the Rangers a slight edge, but the Rangers D is worse. Goaltending, Rangers have edge.

My point, a lot of people think the Rangers are amazing, well they aren't that great after all. Names don't buy you a cup.


Anonymous xpunkrockelvisx said...

Murray better than Shanahan? Ummmm.... not so sure about that one. Jagr was once the best player in the world and can still play that way most nights, so I'm not sure I'd mention him as an afterthought. That being said, I pretty much agree with you on the free agents. The one thing I can say is that, skill aside, these two guys are winners - especially Drury.

Do I think the Rangers will be great? NOPE. I think their chemistry will fall short. Last year they surprised a lot of people by having amazing chemistry. They threw all that out the window when they went out and grabbed up 2 new superstars and demoralized every hard-working youngster on that squad who will now never get any scratch when his contract is up.

6:44 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

ok tell me how do you think the rangers are gonna win the cup,when Boston is going to be the new champ? ship jumper,should brag about your own team,not drool over a conference foe.

11:39 AM  
Anonymous Tim B said...

I know I loved the fact the Rangers spent over 80 million and didn't make te playoffs 2 years strait.

3:30 PM  
Anonymous saskbruinsfan said...

The Rnagers are better and the Bruins are better this year, but both will be in for a rough ride with their respective defensive problems, the Rangers moreso. That being said I wouldn't put down Gomez too much as he has played in the Devils trap system for a long time and has not had a chance to open up offensively, but I agree Savard is better. However, even as a loyal Bruins fan, I would disagree that Bergeron is better than Drury. Offensively definitely but overall Drury comes to play when it matters most and will spark a dead team to try to get them going. Bergeron may be a leader someday but he will have to start that kind of leadership now, even though he is young, in order to be better than Drury overall. As one of the hockey pundits has said, "Potential doesn't win Stanley Cups, results do!", so here is to hoping that all of our potential this season brings results (finally). Game On.

1:43 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

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9:03 AM  

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