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Monday, August 27, 2007

Trading Bergy is trading our future

By Latrappe

One day, after my withdrawal, insomnia showed up last night and a column was the result of these long sleepless hours. There's a lots of rumours surrounding Bergeron ( Matt posted some of them ) and there's an interesting debate among fans regarding the young center. Some think that Bergy is an untouchable and some think that, if Gretzky was traded, anyone can. But, in the B's situation, would trade Bergy?

On a PR and credibility standpoint, that would be a terrible, terrible move. Lots of fans like Bergy for what is and he's probably the next guy to be the face of the franchise. Most of us are still angry about the JT trade ( rightly so ) and the shadow of this trade is still haunting the organisation from a credibility standpoint. As it stands today, the B's are definitely considers as a bottom-of-the-conference team without any long term plan. Terms like quick fixes, bad decisions and improvisation have been plaguing the team for a decade or so. Trading Bergeron would simply add another element to a long list of blunders.

On a hockey standpoint, there's are philosophical differences among the fans. Some of them like the excitement of a pure scorer but some them ( like yours truly ) prefer to have ( especially at the center position ) an all around player who will succeed in every aspect of the game. When i saw the rumour ( baseless? ) about a swap between Bos-Atl, i was wondering. Let's say that the Hossa-Bergy swap could occur. Does the arrival of Hossa make Boston an instant winner and a playoffs bound team? My answer is no since it takes more then one player to make things happen. Don't get me wrong: Hossa is an excellent player but since his arrival won't change anything why the B's would take a 7 per contract ( it's doubtful that Hossa ask less then Drury ) when they have a #2 centerman, who play an excellent all-aound game, who will progress through next year? Slowly but surely, this Boston team starts to look as very promising.

Trading Bergy will be a devasting blow for the fans who will see, a player who performed well in Boston, traded for a player who will have to adjust himself to a new team. It could perpetuate the vicious circle of instability who made the B's so mediocre for the last couple of years. I think it's time for the B's to step up behind their stars player and to avoid, this time, the search for a magical solution. There's no such thing in professionnal sports and It just doesn't work. You can't win without a plan and you can't buy a cup by signing free agents or trade for an high-end player ( the Rangers are the bext example of this ). A player like Hossa can put you over the top if you did the proper homework before acquiring him.

When i look at this team, i see good things but i'm not seeing a team who's ready to add an high impact player who can really change the course of the franchise. The B's are on the right track and they have a golden chance to get right, this time. Maybe it's time to get it right by keeping Bergy.


Anonymous xpunkrockelvisx said...

Latrappe, Back so soon?

I think the last paragraph of this post sums up my viewpoint perfectly. The addition of Marian Hossa to TEAM would likely mean that they would be instantly better. The Bruins, however, have not yet gelled as a team, per se. There is a lot of work to do on this team before the addition of a premier player will have the desired impact.

Look at the Thornton trade, for example: they had laid the groundwork for that trade years prior. They had a young core of guys the step in in the spots freed up by a 3-for-1 trade, and they had the supporting cast so Joey T could just step right onto a productive line and feel right at home.

For the B's the bring in a star now would just stunt that star's career, spoil his opinion of the team and city, and be a total waste of money.

1:30 PM  
Anonymous Angry Bear said...

Savy has played with both of these guys and Iginla So thats hardly the case. We need a guy savy can feeded to Murray is not the guy anymore his legs and groin cant take the new nhl

4:14 PM  
Blogger Latrappe said...

I'm not back but i had this column in reserve so it was sended to Matt who posted it. I wish you all a good hockey season and will peak at time to read your comments...

5:46 PM  

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