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Thursday, March 29, 2007

Rob Simpson's Blog

Sorry for the lack of posts the past week, I have been very busy and very disgusted with this team. Anyways I was looking through the Globe's site and I came over Simpson's blog. He actually puts in a lot of comments from people who question Dave Lewis and the coaching "system" and Chara as a leader. This leads me to believe that he too is upset with this joke of a coach. Simpson, who is on the ice or with the team every single day, hopefully can lend some advice to Peter Chiarelli. Here are a few of them:

Character, Commitment, Chemistry
Does your favorite team have them?
A resounding No to all three.
This is the worst Bruins team I've ever seen. At least when the Bruins were this bad in previous years, they still had pride. They'd stand up for themselves and their teammates.
Watching NBC drop them with almost an entire full 3rd period left is the most embarrassing moment I've had as a B's fan.
They didn't just drop the game because it was 4-0, in the words of Doc Emrick "The Bruins have given up".
It's a sad, sad day in Bruins nation.

Number 2:

Until the Bruins know what these works mean: Character, Commitment, Chemistry , Passion, Sweat, and Heart. They will never, never,never be a good team. In other words they just don't know how to play hockey for 60 minutes. They do NEED a new coach. i mean nothing personal against P.J., but he belongs on the third line not first. We keep moving the lines round. How can they work, if the coach does not give them enough time to used to each other????

Bloggo #4:

Whats your take on Chara on being the team's Captain?
Will you ask Coach Lewis to rip it off of him?
Will you please ask Coach Lewis to leave town since Chirelli hired him to a long term contract, he doesn't want to look foolish by firing him. Also JJ doesn't want to cough up money to pay Lewis for nothing & pay another coach. Oh silly me JJ is paying for nothing

Da Blog #6:

In watching some of the games lately, it seems to me that there's a lot of players that seem to be out there with no fire in their game. Chistov looks like the softest player on the ice. I see him lose every one-on-one battle he's in and he is an easy mark to turn the puck over. It doesn't appear that Kessel is interested in playing defense at all when he's on the ice. In the Mtl game he was caught flat footed on a play where he was just standing at the blue line and the Habs got a scoring chance. A message needs to be sent. I don't know where this needs to come from but it seems like there is a lack of leadership. Chara's the captain...does he hold these guys accountable behind closed doors? It seems to me that Doug Houda is more of the vocal and inspirational leader of this team rather than the captain.
That my friend, has me worried.

Puckdom #10:

"you can't win if you don't score goals"
And I don't just mean over the last few games, I mean over the whole season ...
Buffalo scored 1.28 goal for every goal they let in, and ONLY ONE team (Atlanta) above the 8th seed has more goals against than goals for (216 Vs215, big deal.)
and NONE of the teams below the 8th spot have a goal ratio better than 1. Actually, with very few exceptions (Tampa, ATL and the Rangers) the Goals Ratio pretty closely mirrors the number of POINTS. So here's food for thoughts that's worthy of Master Bill (Bellichick) ... "You can't win if you don't score goals" Imagine that. Now, our wonderful teddy bears have an appalling 82.16% Goals Ratio. good for 13th in the conference. Guess where I think they're ending the season.
How do we pass these stats to Coach Lewis and the team so that it ends up as food for thought for next season ?

For space, I didn't paste the spreadsheet, but these stats are readily available to fans.

I'm Watching College Hockey as I answer this #12:

First of all I would like to say iv`e been in FL 20 years and still have not a Bs,sox or pats game thank god for satalites, I have never been a fan that has asked for a coaches head until now, after watching yesterdays lack of everything you have to say whatever the Dave Lewis plan is is not working. No one is on the same page and some players even look confused right now (Patrice ) being one and I hate to see that because I love watching him play, I think all of his playing with the lines all year is now costing them dearly I know we now have some injuries but this has been going on all year and I think the players don`t even know who they will be with game to game and there seems to be no chemistry because theres consistency the 4 forwards on pp is not working Paty belongs up front, I thought thats why we got Wideman as good as Savy has been this year PJ playing with him has talking points off of him he is not a first line threat he checking line guy. Coach Lewis just does not seem to be able to motivate these guys and I know there pros but him and this team do not seem to fit. Is one year to fast to judge? Sorry so long winded, not many people down here to talk hockey with.
THANKS for the ear

There's an adjustment period. New organization, new players. Lewis and staff inherited everything new, including a new GM. That said, the pressure will be on next year to get off to a good start.

Finally #15:

i know room chemistry and team chemistry are important, but i think the Bruins coach overlooks LINE chemistry. This changing lines after one round of shifts is not helping. Linemates need to know and just feel where each will be during certain situations. I think the person this has hurt most during this entire season has been Patrice Bergeron. He makes so many outstanding steals and passes, and his passes go to empty space because he expected a linemate to be in a certain place. I think this is ultimately Patrice's ungoing this year, certainly not his fault. IN the playoffs it will be even more important. Your thoughts or comments ? Love the biscuit, keep up the great work you have been doing!

No playoffs this year my friend. This work in progress will be put to the test this summer and next fall. I saw a few other coach e-mails, and another about PJ on the top line. I've said before I like him as a third liner and PKer. It's been a frustrating finish. For now, enjoy the Frozen Four, and enjoy the greatest tournament in sports, the Stanley Cup playoffs, there will be some great, great hockey games coming up!! All the best.

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Blogger Latrappe said...

" It's not the loss; it's the way you lose "

I think some of us are feeling the same about the team. There was too many times, this year, that the team simply give up. On the other hand, Lewis didn't help the team at all. His bench management is awful and , as a player , i would find hard to be motivated when i know that in key moments, the best players of the team won't be on the ice.

5:55 AM  

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