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Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Stuck with the coach

I was roaming through the blog and saw that there's an interest about my good friend Dave Lewis. I stated, for a very long time, that Lewis was a bad coach for many reasons. Month after my statement, nothing have changed in Beantown. The B's continue to suffer from blowout, inconsistency and lazy performances.

Lewis system is not working and the players don't buy it. Do they are wrong about this? Some fans would say yes, some no. No, it'S not wrong to refuse to play a system who is not suited for this fast, high scoring NHL. Lewis is living in the past. His 1-2-2 system is a complete failure and his team continue to struggle on the scoring sheet. Before the game against Ottawa, the B's scored 4 goals in 5 games. Clearly, Lewis system is chocking the offense. Worst, it makes players worst then they really are; putting them in situations where their weakness are exposed and their strenght unused. When you look at the roster, there's some fire power. Bergy, Savvy, Murray, Bochenski and co knows how to score but they are not " allowed " to play their game. They have to dump the puck instead of carry it and developp something. Wake up, Dave ! It's not the old NHL where players hooked at will... A system like this need a very strong defensive and an elite goaltender; two things that the B's didn't have, right now.

Lewis bad tendancy to fall in love with players and play them in key situations cost him a lot of games, this year. How can we forget the game where Donovan, Mowers and PJ were on the ice, late in the 3rd, when the team needed a goal to survive... I just wonder how Bergy, Savvy and co reacted to see stone hands players on the ice while they warmed the bench... Lewis might call and punish his players but the hard fact is that he's the first one who failed to show something, this year. For a guy who was behind the bench with Scotty Bowman; it's puzzeling, very puzzeling. Soon or later, His " favorite " strategy will cost him his job. He will lose the lockeroom and the story will end right there. Stars players can make you win but when they don't believe in you anymore...

Of course, forget about Lewis taking the gate, this year and even next year before december. This team will not change that much, in the offseason. It mean that Lewis will have to change his mind and adjust his " system " in order to make his team succesful. If not, the team will remain inconsistent, the fans unhappy and JJ less patient...


Blogger Pekese said...

It's sad. I love the Bruins to death, but this coach is ruining them.

2:40 AM  

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