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Sunday, March 18, 2007

Nagy a Target for Chiarelli?

Bruce Garrioch via Spectors,

The Dallas Stars have not started contract talks with forward Ladislav Nagy, whom they acquired from Phoenix in January. "Don't be surprised if several teams -- including Detroit, Boston, Montreal and San Jose -- try to sign Nagy"

Matt's take: I am not sure how much he will commend, likely in the 4-5 million range. Nagy is a good player, but for the bang of your buck, I don't think he's your number one guy. Given he is a great player, his cap hit may be too much for the Bruins to handle.


Anonymous jimmy said...

nagy is inconsistent like many of the other forwards on this team. hes similar to sturm but has better passing abilities. not so sure he fits this team, but the bruins def need a scoring winger, because pj on the first line again will simple not cut it.

8:58 PM  

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