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Sunday, November 26, 2006


I am extremely happy in the acquisition of Stanislav Chistov. He has been playing great of late. He reminds me a lot of a young Sergei Samsonov with less flash and better decision making. At 22, it was a big mistake of Anaheim letting him go.

The whole key to the new NHL is getting young talent and finding bargains in places. With the salary cap era, you need to be able to find talent and get 20-30 goals for only 500,000 dollars. Chistov is a great bargain along with Tenkrat and Kessel. That line costs around 1.85 million dollars, the same amount that PJ Axelsson makes, or 700,000 more than Wayne Primeau.

PC did a great job scouting this guy and it has payed off. Anaheim will regret this deal unless they draft the next Bergeron with the 3rd pick they acquired.


Blogger Latrappe said...

I'm happy with Chistov but i think we will have to wait another 10-15 games to be able to see what Chistov production can be.

9:58 AM  

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