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Friday, November 24, 2006

Your Turn!

Since the team reached his 20th games; it's time for you ( PC will do his homework, as well) to act as the B's GM and suggest improvements regarding the team.

Latrappe's improvements:
-Get ride of the dead wood: Primeau, Donovan, Mara, York and Dempsey.
-Acquire a scoring forward.
-Acquire a stay-at-home defenseman who knows about defensive coverage.
-Acquire a #1 goaltender.
-Promote young players who can play on the 4th line.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I think two of the biggest problems with the Bruins are, Dave Lewis' line combos and Paul Mara.
Fist the lines.

1) I think Primeau and Donovan hustle, but they seem lost out there at times. Put PJ back on the checking line where he belongs. He will give us some goals from there.

2) Stop wasting Kessel's talent. Put him on the wing with Savard and Murray.

3) Keep Sturm Bergeron and Boyes together.

4) Call Statcny back up to center Chistov and Tenkrat. I love Tenkrat's hustle.

Lines would be...
Sturm - Bergeron - Boyes
Kessel - Savard - Murray
Axelsson - Primeau - Donovan
Tenkrat - Statsny - Chistov

Now for Mara. We need a goalie. But at the same time Thomas has proven to be good and Hannu is suppose to be the future. Maybe we rushed Hannu? I say leave him down in Providence and trade Mara for goaltending help. How about this?

Boston gets Mike Dunham and Brendan Witt
Islanders get Mara and a pick.

This way we could play Thomas and Dunham as a tandem and replace a defenseman with the one we are trading. New York gets a lot youger on the blueline and get a pick. Plus the salaries wash out.

So the defense and goalies are.

Jurcina - Chara
Alberts - B. Stuart
M. Stuart - Witt


Just my thoughts. But this game today was far past a disappointment!

5:52 PM  
Blogger Latrappe said...

I agree that if Mara doesn't play with Chara or Brad Stuart; he look very, very bad and that's a problem. Normally, a guy like Mara should help people like Alberts and Mark Stuart but, right now, that the inverse. Those guys are playing better then the suppose proving veteran. PC will have to make a move on Mara and get a stay-at-home defenseman. I agree with your point regading Kessel and that's why i putted Lewis in my zeroes for last game. Kessel is discipline and he rarely hurt the team with his actions so i wonder how Lewis can explain the fact that Primeau, Mara and Donovan ( -10,-10 and -8 )are playing more then Tenkrat and Kessel. Right now, Lewis's strategy is to shoot himself in his foot, plain and simple.

9:27 AM  
Anonymous BosBrn77 said...

The biggest reason why Donovan and Primeau have such high negatives in the +/- is because they play a lot against the other team's top line. I think they would be a lot better off if they had Axelsson back there with them. Axelsson has the ability to make game breaking plays. And I think his experience defensively will only reflect more on the other two.

As for Mara? I can't figure him out. He has some talent, but he just seems lost. Package him with a pick and lets get a goalie in here that won't take the future away from Hannu and won't totally shake up the team.

If we get a Nabokov, Biron, or even Giguere, that will push Hannu even back further, and it will cause the team to lose time trying to gel with new team mates. Biron would be the guy I would want out of the three, but Buffalo will not trade within the division. To get the other two, Murray has to go the other way to even out the salaries. Do we want to give up Murray? He is one of the guys who is playing like he has a fire under his butt every night.

Go after a lesser goalie who won't cost as much in salary or what we have to give up.

10:06 AM  
Blogger BomberDrz said...

I wonder why with such and overall lack of grit and toughness on the team why they wouldn't trade for a 6-7 D-man with those qualities. He could play in place of the players on press box rotation since those players are only playing 10 minutes a game and are doing nothing defesively.

2:55 PM  

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