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Friday, November 24, 2006

A Sorry Display

The B's had a game today but the team never showed up. Here's your Zeroes and Heroes for today's game.

- Paul Mara: Do this guy is really a defenseman? He's plain UGLY on the defensive coverage and put the puck in his own net more often then he score at the other end.
- Primeau/Donovan: 13 minutes of ice time and look what you've got: another - in the +/- column and bad penalties. Do it can get any worst then this???
- Dave " No Clue " Lewis: How Kessel can barely have more ice time then Primeau and Donovan??? Kessel have speed, skills and he's discipline. Sorry, my bad, i forgot: Kessel is only -5. Maybe he will have more ice time when he will hook and get the -10 benchmark...

- The Carolina Hurricanes for showing up at the game. Normally, that's the home team who should put the show on ice; without them, that game would have been a snoozer....


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