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Friday, November 24, 2006

Offense Needed

I have been thinking lately, and it has occured to me, that the need for the team is offense. We need to go out and get that top winger available by trade. Take my example of Buffalo. They have scored over 100 goals this season and the Bruins have just south of 50. The Sabres defense is ok, with guys like Spacek and Numiumen. But Chara, Stuart and Mara makes the Bruins defense better on paper than the Sabres. Granted the Sabres have two good goalies in Miller and Biron. But my point is, if your team can score 4-5 goals a game, your defense doesn't have to be AMAZING and your goaltending doesn't have to be Patrick Roy worthy. But when your offense scores 2-3 maybe 4 on a good night, your defense needs to be top notch every night and your goaltending does need to be Patrick Roy worthy every night. If I am PC, I am looking for offense, which makes me think of dangling B Stuart and a top prospect for a top winger.


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