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Monday, October 30, 2006

Regarding the Rumors

Regarding Latrappe's post on the rumors, I wouldn't be surprised to see a "monster" deal get struck. The entire team is tradable except Bergeron, Chara, Kessel, and Boyes. I know Boyes name was mentioned, but for 1.5 per, he isn't going anywhere. Anaheim, San Jose, and Boston seem to be the teams being mentioned. How about a deal where we get Marleau and Giguere. Wouldn't that shake the team up? Not saying it's realistic, but a deal like that would definately improve the team. Basic needs: Goaltending and offense. Chiarelli is ready to pull the trigger and look for a splash to come. Names like Marleau, Nabakov, Giguere, even some other forwards on other teams to be mentioned.

*Sorry for the lack of updates, my computer has been funky lately and Blogger was erroring on me yesterday. My apologies, everything is back to normal now though.


Anonymous Mack said...

I wouldn't mind seeing a shake up, I just hope that it's not a player I like, but as I have learned in the past the Bruin's don't care about who I like. Here's a list of the player's I would like to see get dealt.

1. Toivonen (Hasn't impressed me and I think Rask will be the goalie of the future)
2. Savard (Turns over the puck too much and is missing Kovalchuk and Hossa more than expected)
3. Sturm and Brad Stuart (They're going to be free agents anyways, who have interest in testing the market, so P.C might as well get something back in return before they walk)

**I hope Axelsson and Murray stay in beantown, they've been the two hardest working forwards so far this season**

6:11 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

i do not see what the problem is really...this is a .500 team that has not gelled yet....

with a little luck they could easly be 4-4-1 (.500)

this is a rebuilding year..

the bruins do not need to start stripping it down before the coaching staff and team have had a chance to come together as a team.


6:58 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

hey mack....toivo hasnt impressed you? he certainly impressed me last year before he got hurt, and its obvious he has made a few mistakes this year, but what has Rask done to get you on his horse? Unproven in the NHL. Bottom line.
Savard has been a hard worker so far, I am impressed with his small forward role- and he turns the puck over a lot less than Sammy did the past couple years.
I agree with your sturm and stuart is the time if they are going though.
And Axy and Muzz are great Bruins, but Muzz needs a true center again.......

10:06 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

more on the sky falling.....

presently the bruins are 5 points out of the last playoff spot with 4 games in hand.

would i like to see them play better - of course. is it time to say any one player or position is the problem...probably not - this is a team sport and you have to allow these players a little time to become a team and trust each other. that being said i think there management has picked there first fix - more balanced scoring.


10:29 AM  

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