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Monday, October 30, 2006

Lashoff in Providence?

According to the Globe, Chiarelli and Lewis will have to decide about Lashoff's faith ( Beantown or Providence ). With Alberts returning Thursday in the lineup, all blueline spots are filled.

Latrappe's take: There's no way Lashoff should be send to Providence. In two games, he showed composure, speed and he played a smarter game then York or Dempsey. If there's anyone who have to be send in Providence, it should be one of those two.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

If Lashoff gets sent to Providence, then there is something seriously wrong with PC. Lashoff proved he's better and more valuable than both York and Dempsey, and at times looked better than Mara(our#2 D-man). I know hes a rookie but give the kid and chance if he messes up then send him down ,until then keep him.

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