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Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Bruins Schedule

I happen to not like the Bruins schedule this season. It's unfair that you start on a 5 game road trip, 4 of them season home openers for other teams, then be the last team to play a home opener. Even with a nice 7 game homestand, is isn't like these are cupcake teams. Buffalo, Calgary, Montreal...etc. The schedule is weirdly placed so they basically play every Thursday and Saturday, which gives them no time to make a playing rythym. I know the team hasn't played up to expectations, but the schedule also has to a little to do with the struggle.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

It's no doubt the nastiest opening schedule I can recall. But it does have one positive: four days in a row off for a few weeks to practice, which is a good thing for a team as raw as this one.


6:37 PM  

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