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Sunday, September 10, 2006

My Predicted Bruins Stats

Here is what I believe each Bruin play will put up. I'm interested in what you think.

Marco Sturm 30 G, 25 A
Patrice Bergeron 35 G, 50 A
Brad Boyes 30 G, 40 A
Phil Kessl 20 G, 25 A
Marc Savard 25 G, 60 A
Glen Murray 30 G, 20 A
P.J. Axelsson 12 G, 20 A
Wayne Primeau 10 G, 20 A
Shean Donovan 15 G, 15 A
Mark Mowers 4 G, 5 A
Yan Stastny 5 G, 10 A
Ben Walter 5 G, 7 A
Wade Brookbank 2 G, 5 A
Zdeno Chara 17 G, 30 A
Brad Stuart 20 G, 33 A
Paul Mara 15 G, 40 A
Mark Stuart 6 G, 17 A
Milan Jurcina 14 G, 15 A
Andrew Alberts 4 G, 9 A
Jason York 4 G, 6 A
Nathan Dempsey 2 G, 6 A

Hannu Toivonen 32 W 17 L 3 OTl 2.89 GGA
Tim Thomas 16 W 11 L 3 OTL 3.13 GGA


Anonymous Anonymous said...

i think you are being a little over optomistic in the number of goals from the d-men....especially brad stuart at 20 goals... also you have them scoring 301 goals after scoring 230 last year....that almost a goal a game better....i strongly doubt this as well. i would suggest that if anything is going to move down by a goal a game it could be the goals against look for them to improve this stat with a d first approach to the game - perhaps a leftwing lock?

12:51 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

102 points would be a 28 point swing...also a tad optomistic, in my oppinion. this would have put them in 5th in confrence last season...lets say 85-95 points and slip into the playoffs in one of the last slots....

1:18 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Marco Sturm 26 G
Patrice Bergeron 35 G
Brad Boyes 25 G
Phil Kessl 18 G
Marc Savard 18 G
Glen Murray and his replacement when traded 37 G
P.J. Axelsson 12 G
Wayne Primeau 12 G
Shean Donovan 12 G
Mark Mowers 2 G
Yan Stastny 2 G
Ben Walter 0 G
Wade Brookbank 0 G
Zdeno Chara 13 G
Brad Stuart 11 G
Paul Mara 11 G
Mark Stuart 6 G
Milan Jurcina 7 G
Andrew Alberts 3 G
Jason York 1 G
Nathan Dempsey 0 G
others 8 G

Hannu Toivonen 21 W 17 L 5 OTL 2.94 GGA
Tim Thomas 21 W 15 L 3 OTL 2.94 GGA
92 total points 8th place
257 goals for
240 goals against

4:18 PM  
Blogger BomberDrz said...

Murray won't get traded and will score more than 30.
Sturm will easily score more than 30 if he stays healthy
Bergeron around 35
Boyes 30
Kessel if he stays in the NHL all season 20-25 anyone else playing on the line with Murray and Savard will be 15-25 goals totals will depend on who proves they can do the job
Savard 20-25
Axelsson, Priemeau. and Donovan 7-15 each
Anybody on the 4th line should be good for 0-10
Brookbank will be around most of the season playing LW on the 4th line and defence when injuries call for it and lead the Bruins in PIMs 50-60 games 150-250 PIMs with maybe a goal or 2 no more than 10 points total and maybe not more than 5
Chara, Brad Stuart, and Mara 12-20
Jurcina 7-12
Alberts 2-5 with over 100 PIMs
the other D-men will chip in a couple each if Marc Stuart plays enough after rehabbing his knee he'll top out at 5 goals
Who ever becomes the clear #1 goalie will be around 2.00-2.50 GAA with the back-up being 2.50-3.00
These are all guesses figuring on players past performance and where they are in their careers and the roles they will fill in on the team.

4:36 PM  
Blogger Matt said...

I agree that it may be optomistic, hence I am a HUGE Bruins fan. The only thing I think I am really aiming high for is the goaltending. The offense I don't think is estimated to high, but the defense maybe a little. I would say Mara and Stuart get around 15-18 goals rather than 20. But also, since when is 92 points 8th in the conference? If they get 92 points I am looking 6th at worst. Also, remember last years offense was joke, so scoring 70 more goals may not be much as a stretch as it seems. Bergy, Boyes, and Sturm will likely net more goals than last year, and add Savard instead of Primeau.

5:27 PM  

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