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Sunday, September 10, 2006

Bruins Interested in Carter?

I wouldn't look much into it, but hey, it's Bruins Rumors and I found one. On Eklund's site, he was talking about Carter and mentioned teams looking at 1 year deals with him, and he mentions the Bruins. It wouldn't surprise me of Chiarelli just inquired on the situation, but I wouldn't expect much to develop. Carter is an interesting case, he is a good player but somehow he isn't going to be paid what he's worth and most teams aren't will to cough up more than 2,500,000. It'll be interesting to see where Carter ends up. I'll keep you updated...

UPDATE: KDP article on the Globe states Carter will not be invited to training camp. So this rumor can be classified as dead. I really didn't look into it, but I saw it so I posted it.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

the same kpd article you got your zhamnov update from...states that chiarelli is inviting some veterans to camp and carter is NOT one of them...

10:44 AM  

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